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It has been mentioned on the show (and elsewhere) that 1994 is a dang fine year for videogames. I would also say that its a fun/interesting time for american pop culture as well (can‘t speak for other parts of the world). Also also, I work at a public library and we are in the early days of putting together a radio/media presence. For the month of June I am planning on doing programming (mostly music shows) focusing on the pop culture of ’94. I‘ve got plenty of Alt rock and electronic music on the docket. I’d like to do a gaming/VGM focused show for not only ‘94 but as a regular thing going forward. So let’s talk about 1994! Music, games, movies, (then) current events - it's all good.


I was 8. I had a SNES, a VCR, and a CRT in my room. We had a trampoline. My best friend still lived close by. The Simpsons was awesome. Morning and after school cartoons were awesome. The Cold War was over. There were 0 school shootings. '94 was the best.

I bought a NeoGeo AES in late 1994, I was working a job that took up way too much of my time for very little benefit, and I was on the verge of dropping out of college! It was an odd time for me, and I've got both great and terrible memories of it!

But yeah, for games it was an alarmingly good year, although my particular tunnel vision toward the NeoGeo at the time probably colours that somewhat. I had access to two excellent arcades that typically had the latest fighting games within walking distance and two more by bus, which is probably peak arcade for me. I had sold my SNES a year or so earlier (in part to fund getting a second hand NeoGeo) and I wouldn't replace it until I think 1995 or 1996, so I was really out of touch with home games of that year.

I mean this all sounds good on paper but I had tons of unaddressed mental illness, a bunch of extremely dangerous habits around spending money on games instead of food, playing games and working instead of going to class, and various substance problems feeding into all of this that keep me from viewing it as wall to wall good times, haha.

When I think of 1994 from a non-video game pop culture perspective the first thing I think of is DJ Premier producing all or part of Illmatic, Hard to Earn, Ready to Die, Buckshot Lefonque, and The Sun Rises in the East in the same year. Probably the best year a producer had since King Jammy's 1985.

The second thing I think of is how much I hate Forrest Gump.

Kurt Cobain and John Candy die in this year. The Rwandan Genocide happens in this year. I was in Grades 2 and then 3 in this year.

My father was editor of the entertainment section I think of a right-wing tabloid at the time and took us to see a lot of movies I suspect as a work expense.

**Movies I saw this year in theatres:** *Star Trek Generations*, *Stargate*, *The Pagemaster*, *Dumb and Dumber*, *The Mask*


**Movies I overheard adults talk about or try to watch without me in the room thinking I wouldn't sneak out to catch glimpses:** *Blankman*, *Don Juan DeMarco*, *Nell*, *Shallow Grave*, *Clerks* (I found a copy of the script in my parent's bedroom with a pile of his work stuff)

**Some of my favourite albums came out this year:** Protection, Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Dummy, The Holy Bible, Prose Combat

**Games we probably rented:** DKC, Earthworm Jim

**The only video game from this year any of us got to own:** Sonic & Knuckles, one of my brothers got this for my older brother's Genesis.

I was playing with Lego at the time but I wouldn't really get into it until 95-97 with the Aquanauts and UFO sets. I'm pretty sure I had [this really oddly named Ice Planet set](https://en.brickimedia.org/wiki/1704_Ice_Enlarger) and I have an anecdote about what happened to the included minifig's head that you can ask me about in private lol.

I was the most epic three year old.

People often talk about how the SNES was good in ‘94, or the Genesis was good in ’94, or the Playstation was good in ‘94, and all that is true, but the handhelds of ’94 were no slouch either!


@“TracyDMcGrath”#p115462 i was born in 1994 and my parents almost named me forrest, but forrest gump was being filmed here while my mom was pregnant with me and that made them change their minds quickly lol

Case closed.


If you like 1994, play Shining Force II.
If your 1994 sucked, which probably means you were not playing the Western debugged version of Shining Force II in 1994, play Shining Force II.
If you missed on 1994, play Shining Force II.

Hottest track of 1994 (according to Billboard) was “The Sign” by Ace of Base, which I knew at the time from a classmate as “I Saw Your Mom.”

1994 was watching X-Files on Friday nights with either my dad or my friend and biking down to Blockbuster with the same friend and renting Genesis games. Also I was really into Bubble Tape gum that I would only ever get from the same Blockbuster. I never got it anywhere else. :man_shrugging:t2:

@"TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee"#p115570 I really like _Donkey Kong 94_. _Mario vs. Donkey Kong_ is better overall, but _DK94_ has basically all of the same elements.

@"connrrr"#p115630 This has "opened up my eyes"! 👀

What's the best 1994 Fighting Game?

Super Turbo, X-Men Children of the Atom, Dalkstalkers, Tekken, KoF 94, Virtua Fighter 2, Killer Instinct, or Samurai Shodown 2?

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p115655 Showdown 2 is absolutely the one that I would still play today.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p115655 I'd give it to Samurai Shodown 2 followed closely by SSF2T and VF2. Tekken takes the last spot because Tekken 2 comes out pretty soon after and is a much better game.

**Killer Instinct** was probably my favorite at the time, being 14 and a nintendo-liker, KI and Crusin' USA were lodged in my brain. It got me excited for the Ultra 64 even though the eventually N64 couldn't even come close to accurately recreating those games. The SNES version of KI was alright though.

**X-Men: CotA** and **Darkstalkers** looked amazing and set the stage for Capcom's future but both of those games would also be quickly improved upon by sequels. X-Men is the reason I wanted a Saturn back in the day, but I was fortunate enough to have a friend nearby who had it.

**KoF '94** also has a hand in shaping Capcom's future as well as SNK's, but it's not a game (or series) I've spent much time with. I've been meaning to rectify that.

Samurai Shodown 2

I remember Major League Baseball was pretty controversial due to the players' strike. Games ended in September w/no playoffs, nor a World Series.


@“sdate”#p115671 and, of course, rob playford goldie’s inner city life

I was reading down this list thinking "surely, _surely_ they aren't forgetting Goldie" and a wave of relief hit me upon seeing this at the end. heh


@“sdate”#p115671 all i care about besides video games is dance music. luckily, 1994 was an incredible year for jungle. i could do word vomit about this but im just gonna dump trax. they will speak for themselves.

Also the year of Denki Groove’s [_Dragon_](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL590A9BD4D552F7D3) album. I discovered it about six years later so I wouldn’t claim that I associate 1994 to that music but I figure you would like it.





@“TracyDMcGrath”#p115655 What’s the best 1994 Fighting Game?


Super Turbo, X-Men Children of the Atom, Dalkstalkers, Tekken, KoF 94, Virtua Fighter 2, Killer Instinct, or Samurai Shodown 2?

We can conveniently exclude Virtua Fighter 2 from the conversation because, while it was almost certainly the biggest hit and most influential game in that list, it came out at the tail end of the year. VF2-mania, reaching its apex with the release of the Saturn version for Christmas, really belongs to the calendar year 1995 more than to a few weeks in 1994.

So, I would also give it to Shin Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown 2, a nudge and a blade ahead of the Capcom games.