17th - 18th century Japanese literature

I was recently asked by a friend if I had any recommendations for good or noteworthy pieces of Japanese literature, specifically from around the 17th - 18th century. While I had nothing to offer, I deferred on closing the topic entirely thinking I know somewhere I have at least an outside shot at getting a reasonable response: here!

So, fellow IC people - some of whom I know have varying levels of interest in Japan and Japanese history and culture, and some of whom I know have varying levels of interest in literature - do any of these interests overlap enough for you to be able to help out with this specific request?

One could, of course, simply go ask the big google machine but that's not really what is at the heart of this request. Both my friend and I are more than capable of doing so, their request is really flavoured by the idea that the recommendations are at least somewhat curated by the suggester rather than just looking at a big list from a wiki article or the like.


@Syzygy#22530 Thank you for this!

I didn't query their motivations at the time so I am not sure, however I will ask and report back once I know more.

Knowing them, if I had to guess I would certainly lean towards the historic survey style of interest rather than hunting for general entertainment from this oddly specific time period.