1st Time Hype!!!

Does anyone remember the first game, they were ever hyped for? I remember for me growing up I loved Beat'em ups. Final fight, Streets of rage, Rushing Beat.

I remember the first time I saw Sonic blast man 2 in Gamepro magazine! I thought it was an April fools joke. Then a year later... I saw it inside a computer store... I think Comp USA or BrandsMart. My little kid brain! EXPLODED!

What's everyone else's hype moments?[URL=https://i.imgur.com/coq3qBF.jpg][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/coq3qBF.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

i know there were 8-bit ones, but i had a master system and games for that just…kinda showed up whenever they did

the first one i remember reading everything i could from magazines & getting so hyped on was phantasy star 3, haha. 2 was the first RPG i'd played through by myself, and here was this weird looking sequel promising literal generations of a game!
(thank god 4 happened years later and made it all better)

Oh boy do I ever:


I think this was the first video game I remember asking specifically for for Christmas, this commercial really worked on 6 year old me.

I watched this tape over and over


Was 9 years old and this was first time I knew that a new console and games were coming out. Before I didn't have a concept of release dates. I was desperate to try out the N64 controller feel how Mario moved with the analog stick.

Dark Souls II was the first time I deliberately preordered a game for myself, but soon after that I began boycotting gamestop.

I remember anticipating The Legend of Zelda - the Wind Waker, in about third or fourth grade, I (maybe falsely) remember it releasing around St.Patrick's Day, and finding that to be appropriate because of the color green.

Even further back, the hype around Pokemon 2, Gold & Silver was so thick in the atmosphere and across all the magazines... Yeah that's about the earliest I recall. It was quite a time to be a child. I was alive & present for the launch of the N64, but I wasn't into video games yet or old enough to read magazines. I remember the launch of Majora's Mask too, and got the promo VHS tape through the mail.

Also I remember the hype around Kingdom Hearts, and seeing this when it originally aired as my first impression of the game:

I remember seeing my cousin play FFVII on PC in the late 90's.

I was there for the christmas of furby hype where everybody got one.

Oh boy, I have so many memories of getting hyped for games. I still get hyped for games as a 34 year old, but I was very susceptible to it as a little autistic kid with poor access to information, but with a great desire for information.

I think if I had to pinpoint the first game that I was, like, aware of before I could play it and wanted to play dearly, it would probably be _Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars._ I don't even really know how I would have heard of it as I don't think I was reading Nintendo Power yet. I'm fairly certain I started reading Nintendo Power in 1999. So, it was probably by word of mouth or something, just the premise alone (it's _Final Fantasy_ but it's Mario!!) was enough to entrance me. I had poor access to games for much of my childhood, I was restricted to whatever was at the local rental stores, and the local rental stores were bad. So while I did play it via renting it, _SMRPG_ loomed large in my imagination, probably because it was hard to nab as a kid who couldn't get to the Blockbuster until, maybe, after supper on Fridays.

I had a somewhat similar impression of _Harvest Moon 64,_ although instead of not knowing where I would have heard of it, I was definitely hearing about it from Nintendo Power, and instead of having unreliable access to it via the rental shops, it was just not at them. So I had to do it the hard way, which, honestly, I don't remember how that happened actually. I might have gotten it ordered from the Electronics Boutique or something...? I dunno. I was just a dumb little 10 year old. But it was a game that I was so, so excited to play, and just as happy to get and play. I'm not sure when that would have been, though. I think I got it as a Christmas present, so maybe I got it not long after the North American release? I truly don't remember anymore.

It's a little easier to remember things once I'm a little older, because I don't think I have or ever will be as hyped for a game as I was for _Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos._ I had played _Warcraft II_ with a friend over the dial-up modem for a long time, so, we were already a computer'd and Logged In to the World Wide Web by then. I remember that same childhood friend had an older cousin or something so we had someone with a more developed prefrontal cortex tipping us off to things, so, while I don't think I was reading Gaming Magz about PC gaming at the time, I definitely at some point heard about it being on the horizon. Once I found the official site for the game, however... it was over. I do remember thinking at the time that a website dedicated wholly to hyping up a game seemed somewhat novel, and, maybe it wasn't, but boy howdy did it work on me. I am pretty sure I was checking it daily, obsessing over all of the minute details, hungry for updates, counting down the days until it was released, probably getting dismayed at the delay from 2001 to 2002...

I have told this story here before but it always makes me laugh, so--I distinctly remember the day it was released, as I had woken up early to go to Electronics Boutique, probably before it even opened, called ahead to make sure my Collector's Edition preorder was ready. I had surely been infodump babbling about this to my mom for weeks and ensuring that she would be able to take me to the EB that day. I had wanted nothing more than to be able to get the game and get home and install and play. However, for whatever reason, my mom also decided that she should take me and my sister to the government office to get our Social Insurance Numbers that day too. I remember feeling _**betrayed.**_ I surely begged and pleaded and while I was old enough by 2002 to not have an autistic melty over it, I am pretty sure I got pretty close. I don't remember how long it took, probably not more than an hour, but for my dumb little tween brain it probably felt like an eternity. In any case, I surely played _Warcraft III_ all summer, I used to play custom maps for hours and hours with friends.

Perhaps predictably, I had a similar if more graceful experience getting hyped for _World of Warcraft._ I had been aware of MMORPGs before _WoW,_ but, was always under the impression that those were grown up games, or at least games rich kids parents would allow them to play, since you needed a "Credit Card" to play them. But, I guess by the time _WoW_ was coming out, I had at least gotten to the point where I could make appeals to my parents for having access to things they didn't necessarily understand. I distinctly remember feeling crushed that I didn't get an invite to the closed beta, but then exhilarated at being able to participate in the open beta stress test, which I thought was magical. I was able to feel fairly prepared and not so obsessively hyped up when it was actually released (it was in November too so I was in school), but I was definitely gearing up for a many years long commitment to it.

_WoW_ was a real transition game for me in the sense of how I feel I can distinctly map my own burgeoning maturity (for lack of a better term) on to its pre-release, release, and my experiences playing it when I was playing it most. I feel like I went from dumb little kid getting obsessed over official website updates and feeling in awe of the possibilities it represented, to being an adult engaging with the lifestyle playing the game entailed, in both the good and bad senses. Going from wandering around, taking the better part of a year to get to the original level cap if memory serves, not really knowing what the hell I was doing most of the time, meeting people and casually fuckin' around in dungeons or just doing whatever when I saw them online... but then later, stumbling into a guild somewhere, learning what I liked to do and what I was good at, becoming "good" at the game, forming social relationships that were substantial, and feeling like I had a mastery over something within a tangible environment (a virtual online one but still). It feels kind of incredible to think that there was only three years in between the release of Vanilla _WoW_ and the first expansion pack, because in my mind that time in my life feels like so much more.

I don't know if I _like_ getting hyped for games, because I can get antsy and a little preoccupied with thoughts about them. But even if I don't enjoy the anticipation and suspense of an upcoming game release, I like that I still get hyped for games. Now that I'm older and more self aware, I have learned how to mitigate the frustrating aspects of getting led by the nose into a pre-release hype cycle. I try to push the thought of a release date out of my head by intentionally not memorizing it. Or, I plan to have things to play leading up to a big release, so I don't feel too antsy. But it still happens, still have trouble sleeping the night before something big comes out, or getting jealous at people in timezones ahead of me who get to play it before me, or wishing I could preorder something on Amazon and have it shipped early, or waking up early on the day of a release and having to wait for the store to open... and I think I'm okay with that. It makes me feel like a little kid again, in a good way. Getting excited about something and excited to experience something new. And while I've definitely felt a little let down after experiencing what it is I was feeling so much anticipation for, I still love the feeling of finally settling in to experience something I've been waiting for.

I actually thought I lost this sort of childlike glee in the years when I was in University and then grad school, but, actually, it turns out I was just poor and stressed and had no free time lol. I thought I'd lost my love for games, turns out I was just lying to myself about not wanting to play games and get involved in the release window experience and being able to have that sort of insular, intimate experience with a game, unbothered by anyone else's impressions of it, which, dangit, is something I'm probably always going to prefer, individualistic as it may be.

A shortlist of more restrained but still fun memories of getting excited for games, going to acquire them in funny or memorable circumstances, then scurrying back to wherever my gamer lair was to Partake in the blessed sacrament of power gaming:

  • - Being blown away by the spread in EGN for, I think, the post E3 feature on Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which purported to contain Naked Snake camouflaged somewhere in it, and being so impressed that I could not find the guy in the screenshot. I remember being 16, technically not young enough to purchase it without parental consent, rolling up to the mall EB, and forgetting that until I was at the cash register ringing it up. I remember saying something like, oh, right, I‘m not old enough to buy this, I can go get my dad though, he’s just outside in the car… I think the salesperson either recognized me or didn't give a shit because they just sold it to me lol. Game was amazing of course.
  • - Suffering, no, inviting, sardonic teasing about how Zelda was my date to high school prom in what I'm pretty sure was my last year of high school, because I was more concerned with getting a Wii at launch and playing _Twilight Princess._ Kind of crazy to think of how _Metal Gear Solid 3_ came out before _Twilight Princess,_ for some reason!
  • - Protracted periods of a lack of free time and disposable income begin roughly here, arguably persist to, uh, this very day.
  • - Motivating myself to finish my school work by swearing that I cannot play _Bloodborne: The Old Hunters_ until I was completely done for the semester. I think I only cheated just a little bit, but this trick worked a charm.
  • - Getting McDonalds breakfast and a bigass shitty coffee and heading over early in the morning to Dufferin Mall to get my copy of _Dark Souls III._ By then I had kind of revitalized my capacity to get excited for games, especially since I had expanded my social circles a lot (online of course but still), and getting hyped for _Dark Souls III_ had become an inside joke between friends. There are probably lost Facebook posts where it's just me and my internet friends saying "Dark Souls III" at each other. Dark Souls III
  • - Subbing to _FFXIV_ again a week or so before a new expac comes out, spending time with friends doing the same, catching up on all the story quests from post-and-pre expac content patches I left unfinished and showing up fashionably late to _Endwalker, Shadowbringers,_ and even _Stormblood._ These were my greatest strategic moves for mitigating the worst of the anticipation of the hype cycle as I could pretend I didn't have time or money to play FFXIV until right up to when the new expac was just about to come out. I skipped _Heavensward_ entirely even, and was still playing through it by the time _Stormblood_ came out, so I was saved from the frustrating experience of _Raubahn (Savage),_ which, for the uninitiated, was basically a specific server function needed for a critical story quest being completely obliterated by an incredible surge of demand, meaning only a handful of people could progress through early parts of the story at once per server or whatever.
  • - Watching the hours go down all day and then the seconds tick down to zero as the clock struck midnight on digital purchases of _Monster Hunter World, Sekiro, Final Fantasy VII: Remake,_ probably some others I'm forgetting.
  • - Feeling actually relieved for once that I was profoundly isolated and had way too much free time when _Elden Ring_ came out, and once again waking up too early and bringing home shitty McDonalds breakfast and coffee to just spend the whole day with it.
  • And now, of course, it's lots of fun to get hyped up for games and get knee deep in the launch experience with... the girl reading this. As in all of the fine folks here on forums.insertcredit.com!!!!!!!!

    This ad is burned into my brain. Defender of the Crown was the biggest one I but I was excited about them all even if I didn't know what they were. After a few months my dad exchanged the ST for an Amiga and one of my best friends at school was no longer my friend.

    I was completely obsessed with the first Diablo, and after months of daily visits to a leading fansite, I bought the Diablo II special edition before my family had a PC powerful enough to play it.


    The D&D material made it a halfway reasonable purchase for a teen who couldn't play the computer game yet, though I could never gather enough people for a game of D&D and had to satisfy myself with reading and re-reading all the printed contents: the Quest Book, D&D-style character sheets, the manual.

    When a new family Dell PC arrived in the fall, I remember trying so hard to exhibit a sense of calm as I connected all the components—despite feeling like a jet engine preparing for takeoff—because my parents had a habit of becoming worried whenever I was excited about something. Those first few hours of killing Fallen and unlocking skills were about as hype as I've ever been about a game.

    The feeling went unmatched for more than 20 years! Street Fighter 6 this year elicited similar levels of hype, though this time I had the hardware to play it at launch.

    I know the first game thing I begged my parents for was a Wii for my 8th birthday/ Christmas present (same day so it was a combo gift :sunglasses:)- I don't think I even knew what games I really wanted on it, I was more obsessed with the concept, some piece of marketing must have stuck in my brain. We got Wii Music, Mario Galaxy, and Sonic and the Secret Rings for it, plus of course Wii Sports. I sure loved 2/4 of those games lmao.

    The first game I was _really_ hyped for though was Little Big Planet 2, since I was already obsessed with the first game. I saved up for the collector's edition, the only collector's edition I've ever bought, still have everything from it displayed in my room! It was definitely worth it, I have no way of checking but I'm sure it is still my most played game ever. All the levels I made are lost now due to our old PS3 dying, but I still have the stacks of grid paper I used to draw-out levels while at school. Pretty sure I owe my career to that dang game.

    I remember being excited for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island but the first time I felt real hype was when I watched the 1996 N64 Spaceworld showreel and saw pretty much everything in that 10 minute video.


    Sonic Chaos! It was my first ‘new’ Sonic game after getting my Master System with the already-released 1 & 2 the Christmas before. I don’t have much to say other than that I still treat that cartridge like some kind of holy artefact.


    @“Gaagaagiins”#p120068 You saw yourself getting away with the illicit Metal Gear Solid III purchase and narced on yourself.

    When I was like 14, I saw this ad for _Mass Effect_ in a friend's Game Informer. This was right around the same time I played my first real T- or M-rated games (_Halo 3_ and _Gears of War_) and I was coming from a household that was Gamecube-only at the time, so I got really excited by the idea of a big open space game (inspired by all that scifi I grew up watching and reading) on the X-BOX 360. When I finally played the game, I thought it was fine, but it took me a while to realize the reason I'd put down the sequal was that they'd disappointed.

    Still, I look at this ad and want the game I imagined it would be!

    For me it was definitely the Sonic Adventure series.

    I had a Sega Genesis growing up and that was it up until the release of the Dreamcast. I would go on Sonic fan sites and watch commercials from Japan they had posted. Since I never had a console from the previous generation and none of my friends had a Saturn I was really eager to play Sonic in 3D. I remember going out with my folks when it finally came out to get the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi and we all went back home and took turns passing the controller around.

    My pre-game hype was amplified for Sonic Adventure 2. This was the first time I obsessively followed pre release stuff online for months before the game came out. When Sega Japan revealed the official art for all the characters, including Shadow and Rouge, I made a collage in Photoshop and printed it out for my binder cover and kids at school would see "Dark Sonic" and ask if I made the character up.

    There was a video of someone playing the demo that was included with Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 and I watched it over and over in the days leading up to the release. When it finally came out, my siblings and I literally spent the whole day playing it and that's the first time that's happened.

    Other than that, I was hyped enough for the Wii to sit outside a Target overnight on its release. That's the only time I've ever done anything like that, and it was quite an experience. My friend brought a tent and we'd take turns taking naps in it.

    I still get hyped about new games and I really enjoy the hype cycle. I like being able to look forward to something and a new game coming out that I'm psyched about is like a light at the end of the tunnel of the daily grind. Last game I was super hyped about was Sonic Frontiers I think, and it was the first time in my adult life a game I was excited about came out on a day I already had off!

    UGH, pretty sure my dumb ass woke up at 6:45am, unable to get back to sleep, because the review embargo for Final Fantasy XVI is lifting at 10am my time (an hour and a half from time of posting). Fuck this, I can't even sleep until a little closer to 10am??

    Anyway the Famitsu score is out, it got a 39/40.

    To no one's surprise, the Metacritic score is High, so, I guess Game Good


    @“Gaagaagiins”#p120920 I guess Game Good

    has Insert Credit taught you nothing


    @“captain”#p120971 has Insert Credit taught you nothing

    With regards to this, my heart is all Action Button: Videogames Are Awesome

    I'm sure I got hyped for lots of upcoming games when I was a kid, but the first such game that I can clearly remember was the PS2 release of Virtua Fighter 4 when I was in junior high. I remember first finding out about VF4 because it was on the cover of a gaming mag…maybe game informer? Or OPM? Where it had a picture of Akira and the cover text was “The Greatest Fighting Game of All Time?”. I remember reading that feature about VF4 over and over and over and getting sooo excited about how complex and deep the game systems were supposed to be.

    When I finally got the game, I remember being kinda disappointed at first. It felt suuuper weird to play because I was so used to Tekken 3's gameplay. But when you're a kid you just stuck with a game anyway because you couldn't just go buy another one whenever you wanted. I slowly became absolutely obsessed with that game. I got to the top Kumite rank with a few characters, posted on the GameFAQs board, and practiced all the cool tech I learned about on the boards.

    But the funny/sad part was that I never knew anybody to play the game with. I just played alone. The game left such a deep impression on me, but I wonder sometimes just how much deeper it would've been if I actually had some people to play with.