2021 Insert & Credit Film Poll RESULTS THREAD

@“rejj”#p53296 That was me! I love that movie so much. A fantastic movie that is best watched with someone who knows nothing about it.



noted directors who do not appear on the list:


> Buster Keaton

> Fritz Lang

These two sting a little bit! I kinda wish I'd put Sherlock Jr on my list at least, I love that movie. I recently watched The Woman in the Window and really enjoyed that.

I watched Whisper of the Heart tonight. I really enjoyed it the whole way through. Whenever I hear the song Take Me Home, Country Roads I tear up a little. I‘m not exactly sure why, I’ve never lived far from home. The themes of pursuing a dream struck me heavily. I don‘t feel fulfilled with my job and the options I’m considering are moving away for better opportunities or making a career change. Sadly we can't all be as headstrong Seiji.

I've always enjoyed the works of Studio Ghibli (apart from when I was young and was scared of Spirited Away), but I have a preference for when they're animating scenes from the real world. It's not often you get to see the mundane lovingly animated. It's great to see trains, cars, and public infrastructure in this medium.

I had listened to this [mixtape](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4s-hxY80pA) quite a lot in the past. It uses a few voice samples and a frame from the movie. It was funny seeing them in context especially the class mate calling out for Tsukishima.

I hope everyones having a good night/day and before the day changes a Happy 182nd Birthday to New Zealand (I type this as a club is playing super loud classic Maori songs just down the street). This is my home and hopefully I'll never be too far away.

I watched Amadeus tonight. I'm not sure if I was in the best place to appreciate it. I ate too much space brownie the previous night and threw up my stomach while falling asleep in a spinning bathroom. I mangaged to get home by 3am and then slept for 11 hours. I guess I related to Mozart passed out and sweating in a bed.

I'm not sure what else to write. It was entertaining, it felt more modern than my idea of 1984. My artistic side is lacking at the moment, I've definitly felt like Salieri in the past, not to that extreme, but I think I've resigned myself to what I am. Maybe I shouldn't have skipped Kiki's Delivery Service so I can conjure the artistic spirit from its doldrums.

Was just thinking about posting in this thread to ask if anyone had watched Amadeus yet. That doesn't sound like the best physiological state to be in while watching, it or anything else!

In thinking about this thread and my favorite art generally, I realized somewhat troublingly that I have pretty little to say about Amadeus—maybe on account of how familiar I am with it, or maybe because it isn't very complicated. It's very entertaining! But the character drama isn't what I would call challenging; it's very easy to understand (I think), which is not to say difficulty of understanding is at all proportional with quality—I would frankly argue the opposite—but I don't know in the case of Amadeus if there's much to chew on after it's over (I've been chewing on it for 20 years though so hard to say). In [Leo Tolstoy's opinion](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/538-the-mortal-enemy-of-videogames/612) I think it would probably count as "true art" for its expression of the universally experience-able bitterness toward someone doing the same thing as you but better and in a more obnoxious way, though it doesn't advocate for the brotherhood of man, so... maybe not _the_ highest art, sorry Mr Forman.

But it sure does strike all the right chords with me, anyway. Absolutely do not skip Kiki's Delivery Service!


@“captain”#p58757 Kiki’s Delivery Service!

just watched it yesterday and was surprised how much I liked it. I didn't doubt I would but it was even better than I expected/remembered

I watched Kiki's Delivery Service tonight. It has been a while since I watched a film from this list so forgive me if I do not stick to my format.

I had seen this movie once before in high school and really enjoyed it. Kiki's slump and art block had been the most memorable parts in my mind.
When I watched it tonight I thought those scenes would be longer.

When I last watched this I wanted to work in the visual arts. I focused my last year of high school on it and I even went to art school for a semester. Looking back now I know my high school paintings weren't good. They weren't awful either, but they lacked soul and no meaning behind them. Most of my choices were stylistic and I didn't have the skill or eye to make them a reality. When I think of them now they feel hollow.

A big part of why I left art school was because I was living in a new city. I couldn't handle the change and my body and mind began falling apart. I haven't left my current city since I came back. When I started the movie I struggled with feelings of regret and anxiety, I wanted to be like Kiki and make my way somewhere new on my own. I still have the opportunity but there seem to be so many reasons not to.

While the movie is fantasy the most fictional parts are how idyllic the town is. She moves there and finds somewhere to stay, she puts her skills to use working for herself. Whenever she's in trouble someone is there with the cure. The worst person encountered is a bratty teenager who doesn't want her grandmother's herring and pumpkin pie.

It's nearing mid winter and some days I don't talk to anyone or even get out under the sun. I'm now on my balcony listening to the sounds of motorways enforced by the wind, I'm looking out to cloudy skies, dark buildings, flashing cranes. The Mediterranean seems like a nice place to be.


When I last watched this I wanted to work in the visual arts … looking back now …

I don't want to take away from your comment, but your mention of art school here speaks to me: I went to watch the RISD senior film showcase the other day—I was "sort of" a film student in college, and had known since some point in high school I wanted to be one—and watching those student films conjured up some strange feelings for me. Some of the films weren't great, but most of them were—artistically and formally—in a way that made me ask myself, even if I had gone to an expensive art school or film school, whether I ever would have been really capable of the stuff these kids are doing. Though it also made me resent the entire institution of fancy, selective, expensive art programs (not saying yours was this way, but RISD's is) which demand you have a portfolio of material ready to submit fresh out of high school, something which I wouldn't have been capable of back then, and which I don't know if I'm even capable of now. This in addition to the whole institutionalized obsession with perfect grades and test scores. Bah humbug.

I hope the winter passes you by without taking too great a toll!