2022 insert credit's favourite consoles - RESULTS

thank you to everyone who cast a vote in the first-ever insert credit forum console love-fest. (you can find that thread here!)

very few people voted for Windows PC, so i consider the poll a huge success!

i have tabulated the results, and will present the list starting from the bottom, working our way to number one.

reminder of the rules: everyone was asked to vote for their top five consoles. a first place vote is worth five points, a second place vote is worth four, and so on.

and now, without further ado...

### the thank you for playing tier

**31. TIE** (1 point)

  • - Microsoft Xbox Series X
  • - Linux Operating System
  • - Mattel Children's Discovery System
  • - Commodore 64
  • **28. TIE** (2 points)

  • - PICO-8
  • - Mac iOS
  • - Mac PowerPC
  • **27. Naomi/Lindburgh Arcade Board** (4 points)

    **23. TIE** (5 points)

  • - Nintendo Wii
  • - Nintendo Wii U
  • - Sony PlayStation 3
  • - Microsoft Xbox (original)
  • **21. TIE** (6 points)

  • - Sony PlayStation 4
  • - Sony PlayStation 5
  • ...stay tuned for the top 20! coming _soon_.

    ### the now you're playing with some amount of power tier


    ### the top 20

    **19. TIE** (8 points)

  • - Windows PC
  • - Sony PlayStation Vita
  • **18. Neo Geo MVS / AES** (11 points)

    **17. Nintendo 64** (12 points)

    **15. TIE** (13 points)

  • - Nintendo Game Boy
  • - Sony PlayStation Portable
  • **12. TIE** (17 points)

  • - PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16
  • - Microsoft Xbox 360
  • - Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
  • **11. Nintendo GameCube** (20 points)

    ...are you ready for the top ten?

    ..._are you sure??_

    oh boy here we go it's the

    ### the U rankin' GOOD! tier


    ### the top ten

    **10. Nintendo Game Boy Advance** (22 points)

    **9. Nintendo Three-Dimensional S** (33 points)

    **8. Sega Dreamcast** (34 points)

    **7. Sega Genesis / Mega Drive** (37 points)

    **6. Sega Saturn** (43 points)

    **5. Nintendo Switch** (53 points)

    **4. Nintendo DS** (64 points)

    **3. Sony PlayStation 2** (84 points)

    **2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom** (86 points)

    ### the U rankin' _COOL!_ tier


    ### 1. Sony PlayStation

    (107 points)

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/DAZDQEf.png]

    the sega clump in the lower half of the top ten strikes me as the most sega result possible for sega.

    I will be forever confused about the switch-liking. Really hard to argue with PSX at #1!

    @“yeso”#p58753 I may not have much of a context of understanding it since I did put the Switch on my list, but, based on some of the forum posts that popped up when the console ranking podcast came out, it seems like there's a kind of balanced split between people who really like it and people who have had subpar experiences, many of which seem to be controller related.

    Obviously the joy con thing is a bit unforgivable. It is mitigated by Nintendo fixing them for free, but not having your games for a week is a pretty unsatisfactory solution. I think part of it is how much you want to have a bunch of junk to clamp onto it. The switch controller thread has largely not reached a solution other than endorsements for the Hori joy cons. I think the switch just has a litany of things that are _slightly_ wrong with it, and some of those are easy to overlook if you're in the mood to overlook it, while some of them are difficult to overlook even for the most patient consumers. That's not exactly something that should be roundly ignored when evaluating a modern game box.

    Yeah this response was really rambly, so I apologize. I've almost entirely been playing switch games for about three years, so I've had a number of angles of this opinion developing for a while.

    Honestly, for me it's just a little box that has my games on it and can sometimes fit in some pockets and sometimes goes on my TV

    Edit - forgot to mention the possibility of our estimations affected by Nintendo bias (like mine was)

    it‘s generally mediocre performance, real bad hardware problems, seems to me to be personality-light like an android tablet or something. And I’m the one asshole who didn't like mario odyssey, BoTW, or animal crossing…

    Very few of the games I play on the Switch are exclusive to it, and the joycons are an absolute mess. That being said, the ability to play the thing in bed, on the tv, or on a bus is enough to make it my favorite piece of hardware to play games on even if it doesn‘t have much software I couldn’t play elsewhere. Why would I play elsewhere? (Enormous lag, analog drift, sticky buttons….fair, but I‘m on a bus dozens of hours every month it’s not like I can bring my PC)

    Also Flip Grip

    There's so many Tate games and I love playing them on the Switch

    that 23 spot is a real mixed bag.

    Poor GameCube really is the man at front door with wilting flowers of video games.

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/j6mQ0iJ.jpeg]

    I ended up appreciating the Switch a lot more once I accepted the idea that, despite its mission statement, it's not a home console with a secondary function of overperforming as a portable console, or even some sort of hybrid home/portable console, but a portable console with its mainline feature being a built-in, modernized Super Game Boy.

    An imaginative part of me thinks that, internally, Nintendo could have even have had a plan to let the response to the Switch dictate what it really was. If people used it like an underdog home console, they'd market it more like that, without ever saying anything explicit, and vice versa. After all, they did eventually publish results of gathering metrics on how people were using the console. As well perhaps the further iterations of the hardware being more portable focused (Switch Lite obviously being portable centric, but as well the OLED Model's central feature is only relevant in portable mode) means the Switch will certainly appear to be more of a portable looking back in a few generations. Maybe the Switch was not initially meant to wear the mantle of being Nintendo's flagship home console, but the failure of the Wii U changed things.

    It makes me wonder what is next for Nintendo. At this point they clearly have a certain market cornered even more so than ever before. Maybe Nintendo will just continue on this path indefinitely.

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p58814 part all of me is hoping foolishly that they bring back the second screen.

    @“yeso”#p58767 I really do agree with the Switch feeling like it has a lack of real identity. It’s something I’ve struggled with the longer I’ve had it, even as my playtime with it keeps going up and up. It’s hard to not get swept up with the handheld convenience and the generally extraordinary breadth of the library though!

    Animal Crossing could have been better which is probably my biggest disappointment


    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p58776 on a bus dozens of hours every month

    yeah you're right, that's key for sure. I think for portability alone I like the switch better than PS4 or XBOX whatever its called

    On the subject of incredibly poor hardware quality of the Switch. I propose that the ideal Switch hardware would be a Switch Lite with an OLED screen, the ability to output to a TV, and 3DS circle pads instead of the little sticks.

    @“matt”#p58875 i would buy this immediately, in every available colour

    @“whatsarobot”#p59082 Oh, I forgot one small feature, New 3DS coloured buttons.

    "Fantasy Switch Lite OLED Circlepad Pro" (that's its official Nintendo name btw) shoops below :D

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/ECBma4Z.png]
    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/gDcD2Q3.png]
    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/7UPAuJV.png]

    @“matt”#p59091 stop, stop. i'm already dead.

    @“matt”#p59091 this is something i don‘t understand about nintendo – why doesn’t every single one of their controllers use the super famicom coloring scheme for the buttons??? they look so much better.

    there is also something to be said about the two-shades-of-purple SNES button colours…