7/11 Games

On the Insert Credit show episode 246 - Those Who Trod Upon Rodents, with Paul Tamayo, Tim posited that Parappa the Rapper is a 7/11 game. That is a game that is a masterpiece but has problems. Qualities of the game elevate it to past a 10 but some issues also make it a 7/10. In Parappa's case, the button presses sometimes do not register but the art, music, 2D/3D nature of it and ambition make it a masterpiece.

What other games fit into this category?

I'm struggling to think of examples because my brain poison just makes me list my favourite games because I think they're masterpieces. THAT SAID, I do nominate Deadly Premonition. It has a very ambitious scope and is a hell of a package but does have problems with representation, unrealised ideas and things like the cars just flipping the heck out if you take a turn wrong. On a previous episode, Frank called it a masterpiece with a small budget.

So that's my pick. Have you got any suggestions?

An initial draft list of games that are 7s but ALSO 11s:

  • - Parappa the Rapper

    Deadly Premonition

    God Hand

    Raw Danger

    Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

    Battle Bakraid


    Sunset Overdrive


    Mega Man Legends

    Crackdown 3

    Final Fantasy 2

    The Last Remnant

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    Yakuza 0

    Deus Ex
  • in before @Gaagaagiins says God Hand lol

    Raw Danger

    Pretty much all the best PSP games fit this category. They’re as good as they could be, but unfortunately have to be played with flawed controls. The system had ambition aplenty, but it was rarely fulfilled due to the limits of the machine itself.

    The biggest example for me is MGS Portable Ops. The setting, mood, story and presentation are all among the best in the series, but actually controlling the thing takes a LOT of dedication and adjustment, especially nowadays.

    so then what's a 7/10? just a regular game like madden 2005?

    I think 7/10 games are as we know them; just good games that are potentially interesting. A 10/10 game is a real banger in all aspects. A 7/11 game is one that is a masterpiece in many regards but has one or more problems but also it does something really special or pushes the artform forward in some way to become an 11 game with some 7 aspects.

    So an example list from me:
    Ghostwire Tokyo - 7/10
    Resident Evil 4 - 10/10
    Deadly Premonition - 7/11

    When Tim was talking about it, he voiced it as "a real seven eleven game" rather than a "seven out of eleven game". I.e. it is a seven and an eleven simultaneously, rather than adding one on to the usual review scale.


    Raw Danger! hits the nail on the head for me.

    Some out there might say that Dark Souls 2 could fit in the category.... if you look at it from some very peculiar angle.

    I‘ll nominate Battle Bakraid. Anyone who knows me probably knows what I think of Garegga and Batrider. (They’re 10s Jerry.) Bakraid is better and also much worse. It pushes the formula a step too far into self parody. Casually it‘s probably the best Yagawa game to start with. It’s not nearly as punishing as Garegga, it doesn‘t have nearly the amount of character juggling and secrets as Batrider. It’d just a cool 7/10 shmup. The second you play for high score though…

    [upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/Rm2mHU2.jpeg]

    You realize that something terrible has happened. You see, Bakraid has a lot of multipliers. You shoot ships in quick succession? You multiply your score by up to 64 times. To compensate for this, the score required to earn an extra life was increased of course. It's twice as high as in Garegga...which means you're still earning 32 times as many lives. Unfortunately, dying is very helpful: it extends your multiplier timer during sections without enemies to shoot, it gives you power ups, it gives you bombs, it's horrifyingly optimal.

    So we get a game where scoring runs are constantly dying on purpose. To be fair, Garegga and Batrider have a lot of intentional deaths as well, but here we're talking literally every 30 seconds, while still doing all that would be required of you to score in a "normal" game.

    You either look at this and say "Flow state!" or "No thanks!" and I'm pretty firmly in the "No thanks!" camp. That being said, it is a heck of a thing to watch someone else pull off, just not quite a thing worth pulling off yourself.


    Did anybody else think this meant “games you'd find in a 7/11”, or was that just me?

    this is interesting, so I wouldn‘t say Bloodborne is a 7/10 game but maybe it’s a 7/11 game

    @“Video_Game_King”#p79739 there was a time where 7/11 sold used games and I remember buying a copy of Drawn To Life for the DS in a 7/11 in Bakersfield, California if I'm remembering right

    it might have been another DS game perhaps


    so literal 7/11 games did exist at some point
    [upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/3V5CGS4.jpeg]

    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p79736 This tracks! I've got real kombucha face feelings in regard to Battle Bakraid, which I think might be my only useful comment about 7/11 games in general.

    I mean I guess I can also observe that I suspect that the PSX generation of games has an unusually high concentration of 7/11 games overall.

    7/11 broke the street date for super street fighter 4 i remember folks in the halcyon days of justin.tv streaming prelelease footage of makoto and deejay courtesy of the slurpee zone

    Sunset Overdrive


    Plays like a modern Jet Set Radio. Looks and sounds like one too. I have softened on the "humor" now a decade removed (and ONLY if you play as the female avatar). But mannn... there is just too much game. Every cool thing you do, they run into the ground. It would be a vastly better game if it was a quarter of the duration.

    @“robinhoodie”#p79804 i love sunset overdrive. I hate sunset overdrive

    Doubutsu Banchou aka Cubivore is a 7/11 game

    idk, this is hard

    Parappa the Rapper makes sense. It blew up based on the sincerity of the content, and got away with pretty jank mechanics, right? That‘s the defining feature of a 7/11 game.

    So maybe not cubivore, maybe that’s just a 7/10.

    MegaMan Legends could maybe be a 7/11. Everything about it is an A+ to me, except for an area or two of the game. And those areas just aren't quite as well thought out I think.

    Maybe the game is just a 9/10 though.

    I love Crackdown 3. It’s the perfect unknowing spiritual successor to both The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and the PS2 GTA games. And I mean you can play as Terry Crews man, what more do you need. The game has a Breath of the Wild one main objective where you can run straight to the final boss which is center of the island in the tallest tower. It has colorful Vice City sunsets against a Cyberpunk backdrop. In usual Crackdown fashion the orb collection sound effect is euphoria. And now you get two narrators. If anyone needs anymore convincing I highly recommend Tim’s videos on the game.


    @“whatsarobot”#p79710 in before @Gaagaagiins says GOD HAND lol

    **GOD HAND** isn't a 7/11 game, if it could be described using those exact numbers and a slash, it's an 11/7 game.


    @“Gaagaagiins”#p79841 GOD HAND isn’t a 7/11 game, if it could be described using those exact numbers and a slash, it’s an 11/7 game.

    [upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/HUMk1Ja.png]