A chance to repent on my biggest gaming sin...

In my (much) younger years, I managed to amass myself quite the video game collection. Specifically, a Saturn collection. It was by no means complete (never intended it to be) but it contained the results of many years of pawn shop trawling, eBay traversing, Lik-Sang purchasing(!) and quite possibly begging, to wind up being a nothing if not eclectic range of titles (and hardware).

Can't remember why I sold it, I guess an opportunity just came along to move it onto a collector who would probably value it more than I. At least, someone who didn't have (as yet undiagnosed) ADHD with fleeting interests in whatever it was they were collecting that day, like I did.

I still think about that ol' collection every now and then.

Fast forward (a good 10+years at LEAST) to today, and I get a message from that same guy I sold my Saturn stuff to, saying he's selling is collection and seeing if anyone he bought his stuff from would be interested. At least, before he sells it publicly.

Way I see it, there are a few options:

A) Leave it. The MiSTer will have Saturn fully running before too long, and the only CRT I have is in a room detatched from the house.
B) Maybe buy some things from it (if it's an option). Maybe the console, cables, controllers (I know there's at least 1 gun, and a 3D controller) and the memory cart. And a couple of games for old times sake. Depends on how much this would all come to.
C) Go for the whole thing, and despite me not being flush with cash, work out a way to pay it all off. From memory, there's some pretty random stuff there that could be cool to have again.

Kinda leaning towards B. I still have a Saturn that I somehow forgot to sell him at the time, so all I'd need would be the 3D controller, the memory cart and handful of games (and maybe the gun). Maybe just the import titles.

What say you, IC crew?

@“Shaneus”#p96829 A, times one thousand.

i, like you, once had a glorious collection of physical games, including GBA rarities like Ninja Five-O. hundreds of games.

now, i own five DS cartridges, three 3DS cartridges, and some Game Boy loosies. that's it.

physical objects will not bring you the sense of wonder and joy that the _experience_ of playing those games brought you as a younger person.

save your money, seek new sources of wonder, and be thankful for the fun those games may have brought you in the past. live in the moment!

As someone who does collect Saturn games I would also say leave it. Once you‘ve got a few, you might start to think… But what if i also got THIS one? And then this!? And before long you’re looking at games that cost $300 and all the fun is gone. Especially if we are talking adhd style bursts of interest, you're gonna get into a weird zone pretty quick. So yeah, I say A!

Maybe here‘s a less philosophical response to this question, and it’s not to @Shaneus , but to experienced Saturnalians:

What games and/or peripherals would make you feel all but compelled to recommend that @Shaneus go the B) Route?

None for me! It's all a slippery dang slope.

My vote is that this is the sort of thing you know already if option B or C is right for you. If neither “sang to you” (so to say) then it must be A all the way.

There are great reasons for getting and playing on original hardware! You already know them all.

There are different, also great reasons to emulate or FPGA.

As someone that last year started a modest Saturn collection which has since accidentally ballooned into the system I have the second most number of games for, I'd go for A.

@“Shaneus”#p96829 i‘d go with B because it’s very easy to softmod an action replay to play burned discs, and you can get any disc image you want off the internet archive.

i had a saturn and some games (including a north american copy of _panzer dragoon saga_) that i sold to get a dreamcast, which overheated after a few months.

not that that has anything to do with anything, i just wanted to share.

but i have to agree with @exodus that collecting is kind of for the birds.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p96843 I've had a think about it, and there are three things I think I would grab (if he still has them), enough to tinker around with but not enough for a slippery slope:

  • * Nights 3D pad, which can potentially be used with the MiSTer
  • * Memory/expansion card. More to muck about with modding and that boot thing
    *A Saturn SCART cable, again for use with the MiSTer and maybe the actual console
  • That's it!


    @“Shaneus”#p96855 Nights 3D pad, which can potentially be used with the MiSTer

    ah, you've reminded me that i need to get one of those. it's only a matter of time before i feel a need to play through it again, (i type as i'm listening to the soundtrack), and it's pretty frustrating to play with the d-pad.

    I‘ll reluctantly agree with most folks suggesting A. I love my Saturn stuff, but I’m also conscious of how much money it costs to collect even a tiny bit of the best games, and as exodus points out it's a real slippery slope.

    My Saturn stuff is my last remaining collection (okay, as I type that I'm acknowledging it's a complete and utter lie, but it's too funny to me that I felt the need to completely lie about this, so I'll leave it) but I have a really hard time suggesting anyone start collecting anything at this point in time, especially the Saturn, given the ludicrous prices some stuff for it commands. Which is funny, because I feel as though the Saturn still remains mostly unloved as a system (but not as I guess an investment?).

    Speaking for myself, I'm considering something like a Satiator to use with my original hardware, because I feel as though there's only so much time before all my drives fail on all my hardware and eventually there won't be any second hand drives left to replace them.