A Maze of Murderscapes by S.R. Holiwell - Favorite Review of a Video Game


“ I first played Metroid II: Return of Samus in the women’s wing of a homeless shelter in Providence, Rhode Island. There I endured five months of homelessness; the rest of the time was spent on streets or in psychiatric wards. I screamed a lot and frequently lost my mind. It wasn’t the first time I’d been homeless or nearly died, and it won’t be the last.”


@treefroggy#10700 that write up is intense and haunting and absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for posting that here, I'm really grateful I got to read that.

Yeah, this was really good. I am glad to have read it.

shoot, this is a vintage insert credit article basically.

Our own Azure did a color hack of it which really brings it to life in an interesting way:


An explainer page about it, which reads like an insert credit article itself:

@exodus#10862 Yeah, digging up this article to post here, I recognized it's Gamasutra, you used to work there right? Also I read the comics and, one of the comments is from someone who I met just last year at indiecade SM.

Excellent piece to share here - what are some similar blogs/zines for critical writings on video games/stories?

Welcoming any and all, I have an older list but would love to find some brilliant and contemporary flexes of the Critrical Eye (relevance to Video Games or not)

@siebold_magnolia#10899 This is the only vide game review I ever bookmarked. Most unhoused people aren't writing about retro video games, lol. But there are many who play them.

@treefroggy#10884 I did indeed! sometimes I miss that stuff!

[“A Maze of Murderscapes by S.R. Holiwell”,“A Maze of Murderscapes by S.R. Holiwell - Favorite Review of a Video Game”]

@“treefroggy”#p10700 Sorry to necro but I came looking for this essay, thinking about citing it in an essay on Halo, it's left an imprint on me. Come home rei.