A place to show off your Christmas (or other holiday) gear

I thought it might be fun to have a place to share any fun new games or other nerd gear anyone got for Christmas or whatever winter-gift-giving holiday you might celebrate. I didn’t get a lot in the gaming department this year, but my sister in law picked me up a copy of Ghost of Tsushima, which is great because this is a game I would really like to play but honestly probably was not going to buy for myself anytime soon. I also bought myself a switch pro controller as a self present that is coming Monday.

I can't complain :blush:


Not video games related but it was mentioned on the pod recently:

And the gift I got for her in return:

A Merry Christmas all in all.

I got a new cheeseboard, a dough scraper and a lite brite! The lite brite is all LEDed out so it’s really thin and has bits of flashing settings.

The only game related thing our family got.


@hellomrkearns#11869 Joe and Mac have a sequel?!

@JoJoestar#11818 I almost bought one of those last week but I apparently waited too long to be able to get the pink one

The only game stuff I got was a PSN gift card (which I used to get Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima) and Assassin's Creed Valhalla for the PS5. I had told my brother that once I was done with Demon's Souls and Spider-man that I might get Valhalla, which makes it a pretty nice gift because I probably wasn't actually going to, lol

@GigaSlime#11884 Oh. I‘m sorry yo hear that. My assessment so far is that is a cool device if you are ok with some tinkering, it requires a bit of time to setup and doesn’t work out of the box, but I'm happy with it. Playing Shadow Tower on the bed is going to be nice.

@wickedcestus#11825 Hey I didn't know there were other people into model kits around here, greetings from a fellow gunpla builder.


@devilsblush#11853 I have those exact editions of Nausicaä and Dororo and they are both awesome, Nausicaä specially. Awesome gifts, enjoy!

wow, virtua racing is great. like the beautiful skeleton of daytona usa.

@JoJoestar#11885 thank you! yeah it's such a nice edition of nausicaä, I’m so happy to have a few weeks off work to relax and do some reading.

my brother got me a “cameo” from ken bone. Didn’t know who that was so it seemed like a holiday message from a random fat guy. Not sure what he was thinking but just kind of felt bad about all of it. It’s the thought that counts though

@yeso#11890 omg

Ah yes Ken “beautiful human submarines” Bone


@JoJoestar#11885 Nice collection! We are very new to the hobby! These two are our biggest sets yet. It‘s a fun thing to get for holidays and birthdays: we don’t have to think too hard about what to get and can also have fun building together.

@Moon#11899 turns out I have some concerns about mr bone

@devilsblush#11853 The Nausicaa manga is probably one of my favorites. I've had a copy for a while and finally sat down to read it recently. It goes places.

@JoJoestar#11818 I Kinda really want a retroid but that would just be One More Device I Have that Plays Retro Games and I Never use it.

I got a Brother laser printer haha. I sell a lot of stuff online and prefer to read on paper so this is actually a great gift - just one that makes me feel old.


@marlfuchs2#11924 :smiley:

@shane @exodus it looks like my post from earlier in this thread was deleted (I might have pocket deleted it), can it be reinstated if possible?