A question about Panzer Dragoon Saga

In the localized version there is a table with OMG THEY KILLED KENNY scratched into it.

What does it say in the Japanese version?

I haven‘t yet verified it myself, but according to old forum posts I found on Google, the Japanese version doesn’t say anything special. In fact, most of the item descriptions are just “It's an [ITEM]”, and any extra language was added in the English translation because that's what you did in the 90s.

Also, the reference is in *Panzer Dragoon Saga*, not *Orta*. It took me a bit to realize you'd never see a table with a description anywhere in *Orta*.


Didn't know Working Designs handled the translation

@“Video_Game_King”#p43008 yeah my bad, sorry.

[“A question about Panzer Dragoon Orta”,“A question about Panzer Dragoon Saga”]

Does the table even have a hot-spot in the Japanese version? I really can't remember…

In any case, I always found the “They killed Kenny” text weird, even playing it at the time.

@“Kimimi”#p43018 i think i heard it was just a couple guys doing the localization on the sly, getting away with it only because no one was paying enough attention. i'm sure it seemed hilarious at the time (the time probably being 3 a.m.)