A Thread 65 Million Years in the Making

That‘s right, it’s The Dinosaur Thread. Post some video game dinosaurs!

The only rule is: **do not post [birds](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/1884-birds) that have ever existed alongside humans**. I don't know how to discourage people from posting terror birds while leaving room for archeopteryx so I'll just leave it to people to use their own judgment.

As for synapsids like dimetrodon, which are more closely related to mammals, as well as pterosaurs and plesiosaurus and other reptiles etc. I'm going to let people fight about it hehehe.


I always thought the compsognathus from *The Lost World: Jurassic Park* for PSX and Saturn was cute. The animation in that game is stellar and all three of the dinos you get to play as move so gracefully and expressively, until you hit a ledge or fall off a ledge or do anything at the edge of a platform and then the game shows how primitive it was.


Pokémon is a treasure trove of great dinos, both living and extinct. I love its design of Archen and Archeops in particular. Also Aurorus may have awful typing, but I love its cry.


Also!! feel free to just post your favourite dinosaurs and dino facts. It's the weekend and we're just sitting down to eat breakfast. There's waffles in the freezer, we've got poptarts, and a ton of cereal in the cupboard. There's milk and diary free milk in the fridge. We've got JUICE. We've got nowhere to be so let's talk about **dinosaurs!!**


Heck yes, I love this thread. Dinosaurs are awesome and always will be. That screenshot of FFVIII is the reason it's tied for my favorite FF: what other game can you fight a t-rex in your school garden and turn it into a trading card?

For whatever reason, the first thing that came to mind was the big t-rex you fight in Capcom's ambitious fighting game/RPG hybrid (someone please revisit this genre mash up) Red Earth.


@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p124528 oh my god, I haven‘t heard of Red Earth in a loong time. I think I forgot about it because I didn’t know how to emulate it, but it just got a home release last year in their Fighting Game Collection! I'm going to try to check that out!!

@“connrrr”#p124531 It‘s a very interesting game! I think it’s brilliant in what it‘s trying to do, but it doesn’t quite all mesh together, but I think someone needs to try what it's doing again. I love the art and character designs.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p124534 oh yeah, those sprites are absolutely gorgeous. I also love the little hip wings lol.


@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p124528 fight a t-rex in your school garden and turn it into a trading card

That’s really the 1990’s in one sentence.

Tomb Raider was a Sega Saturn exclusive for a month so it can claim to fame that it introduced one of the most famous Jump Scares and Boss Fights of its generation. (Video should skip right at 27m40s.)



Please close this video upon reaching the timestamp of 2:25:17

I love dinosaurs! I was 9 when Jurassic Park came out so it was basically laser targeted at me.

I love the Mega Drive Jurassic Park games. The SNES game looks like a budget rip off colouring book of Jurassic Park compared to the dark, moody art in the first MD game.


Dino Crisis is cool. Dino Crisis 2 rocks ass. Beautiful pre rendered backgrounds and a natural extension of the action heavy Resident Evil 2. Get kills, get combos or GET OWNED.


One of my most beloved games is Sega's Lost World light gun shooter. It never got a port! As a kid it was in most arcades and I played it whenever I could. I once found a machine on a family holiday that gave you 5 lives for £1 instead of the usual 3 lives. Happiest day of my life. Fantastic shooter with bright graphics and good pacing.


I am playing A LOT of Exoprimal this weekend. Interdimensional portals are being opened up by a rogue AI and unlimited dinosaurs are spilling out. It is up to you and your robot suit to make sure they all die. It is really fantastic. Sometimes I am a robot samurai hacking raptors apart. Sometimes I am firing incendiary grenades at a carnotaurus. Sometimes I used my minigun to halt a flood of raptors pouring out of the sky. One time I used a cyber leash to drag a carnotaurus into our dimension and then controlled it to fight a triceratops controlled by the enemy team. All the time I am having an inordinate amount of fun.


We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tekken 3, featuring the greatest Tekken character.


Can’t forget the TRex PSX demo


4.6 Billion Year Monogatari, also known as E.V.O.

My favorite caveman game

@“◉◉maru”#p124572 now I understand why Tekken is the best fighting game series.

@"Chopemon"#p124567 wow, Exoprimal really looks nothing like Dinocrisis (except that it also has a redhead). Looking more to me like Gears or even Vanquish, with a little musou mixed in?


I messed up and completely forgot to mention ***Nanosaur*** in my op, Pangea Soft's showcase for the Bondi blue iMac's blazing fast ATi Rage Pro gpu.


This has been a **dino thread × [mac gaming thread](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/2393-game-different)** collab.



As for synapsids like dimetrodon, which are more closely related to mammals

This has shaken me TO MY CORE to learn

My gf asked me what my favourite dinosaur is a few days ago, and she said “the three horns one?” and I looked at her and she looked at me and we both realized an info dump was about to happen and laughed

Answer is and has always been ankyloaaurus by the way, triceratops isn't even my fave ceratop (styracosaurus, then protoceratops, then triceratops)

@“brillpickle”#p124594 it‘s true! They’re like proto-mammals.

Are we all up to speed re: birds are actually dinosaurs? I put that in the op thinking it was common knowledge now but it might not be. All birds are "avian dinosaurs," the group that completely died out were non-avian.

Speaking of ceratopsians, I remember when somebody told me about the fossil of [a velociraptor and protoceratops](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fighting_Dinosaurs) locked in combat when they died—with the raptor's sickle toe in the ceratops's belly but also its arm in their mouth. That's such an incredible find, and for it to be accessible from the surface of our continents as they are now.

@“connrrr”#p124593 it is very much multiplayer Vanquish but instead of fighting space Russian robots, you fight 100 raptors.

@“connrrr”#p124603 isn't this a plot thread in jurassic park about how they made velociraptors with chicken dna or something

@“Reverse Kaiser”#p124623 in the book yeah. It was just frog DNA in the movie.