A thread for games we complete.

I complete very few games every year, so every game I complete feels like a major occasion. I’d love to hear games you complete for the first time, especially if they’re unusual.

I just completed Spirit & The Mouse.
Total play time ~6 hours.

It has a lot of identity because it's set entirely at night, in a small French town, where all humans are indoors. It plays similarly to Stray, but you play a Mouse with electricity powers granted by a spirit. Her movement is very mouse-like, so not much jumping, but there are plenty of vertical surfaces to scamper up. The story is very light and childish, and there's no combat or danger whatsoever, and no annoying timer based threats. I often struggled with the labyrinthine shortcuts that connect the town together, and sometimes the night-setting can make locations feel too similar, but the fact that there's no hurry makes it an especially chill game. It's a game that feels like a warm blanket. Highly recommended.

What was the most recent game you completed?

The game I have most recently completed as of the time of this posting is The Excavation of Hob's Barrow. A well written, surprisingly well voice-acted point and click adventure game set in a small rural English town. I only came across one point-and-click-adventure-gamey-bollocks puzzle that roadblocked me for about 30-45 minutes. Steam says my play time is about 15 hours, but there are likely a few hours of background idle time included within that. I would expect it to be under 10 hours for most people to finish. I recommend it, this game is going to land somewhere near the top of my GOTY list if/when I try to work out an ordering.