Actors as Videogame Characters, but you're an exec

@“rootfifthoctave”#p60630 matthew mcconaughey as old snake

@"treefroggy"#p60632 this would actually rule

@“antillese”#p60590 weirdly enough I think either could be legitimately great as Samus in a Mandalorian season 1 style limited series.

I’m thinking someone would make John Cena as Duke Nukem to and marketed as very “anti-PC”/edgy but turns out to be comparatively inoffensive for 2020’s and is more…Deadpool type-humor.

Not so much a character but this made me imagine a Guitar Hero movie about a guy with no musical talent or motivation who gets sucked into the game’s early 00’s Hot Topic Fantasyland universe to save rock n’ roll from uh “the man” or something & then face off against Satan. In ends with him going back to the real world trying to actually learn guitar with a band of kids like 10 years younger than him. Starring Pete Davidson.

@“jaws”#p60671 i admire this post for not ending with (or even including) the words Jack Black

@“antillese”#p60590 Dunst meh, but Bell seems like a really god fit. One of the few memorable characters from Heroes was hers and part of these moments were due to her acting.