Additional Polling

sorry for all the confusion everyone

I think this controversy is fun, I‘m surprised at the variation in people’s tummy level judgments what is a movie (I never understood why people distinguish docs). I like the “smells like a movie” rule. Ostensibly the goal is to get your picks on the scoreboard through shared votes! which discourages people from getting too crackbrained about it, though I know we got us some eccentrics on the forum.

One worry I have is if we open it up to TV and everything then posters will compromise on including weird back of the shelf stuff and only submit what they‘ve likely already declared as favorites in other threads here (maybe I’m projecting, goodness knows my list is not very weird in any case)

I‘m going to pick the fresh prince of bel air the complete series and there’s nothing you can do about it


Def yes to documentaries but no to TV series (mini-series are ok)

Just my 2 cents.

yeso don‘t be ridiculous i know you’re a family matters fella through and through