Advice for conducting an interview

yeah, I mean this is just a guy that works at an arcade place, no PR involved! but still good to let folks know about.

@exodus#7099 I mean I‘m still finding all of this fascinating even if it’s not applicable to my specific situation. I wanted to start a broad conversation precisely get get the kinds of interesting responses from people!

Woops! I thought this was like, their first freelance work for a known site/mag or something. :stuck_out_tongue: I may have overkilled it here with the advice.

@sosadillatron#7116 even if it's not currently useful to me it might be very useful to some lurker out there who reads it!

@sosadillatron#7116 Heck I‘m not doing any interviews anytime soon, but I enjoyed reading your advice, because I love listening to good interviews and thinking about how they’re constructed. So @Moon is right!

Do share how it went and when its published

Oh for sure! Now we became all emotionally invested and want to see how did it go!

OKAY. So the standard def encoding is done so I'm gonna go ahead and share this. This is a very rough cut of the interviews I did. Slapped together ASAP just to get them out there with a quick turn around.

I think it went pretty okay for a first time? I was pretty nervous before we started, you can hear me stutter in this video way more than I do usually.

This is the first place I'm posting this so if theres something wrong with this upload speak up (I already had to re-export once because of an audio issue).

I'm open to feedback and constructive criticism since that's what the thread is about!

Soon I will make a large update to my thread on this subject, about my trip to Texas.

I like “what” and “how” questions to really dig into some great answers, not just “info questions”

"what about that event was meaningful to you?"

"how would you approach things different today?"

"What do you think is commonly misunderstood/unknown about X?"

Thank you for the I realize how much I miss conducting interviews....

much better then "when, where, why"

I would love to really dig into this but I‘m not gonna have the time to sadly - I’m gonna say listen to your gut, cut a bunch of stuff, and just put together what's most interesting to you!?