Friend of Insert Credit Gita Jackson co-founded a new worker-owned video games & culture blog, and I am excited about it! In addition to great video game coverage from Gita, Luke Plunkett, Riley MacLeod, Nathan Grayson, and more, this will soon be home to my second podcast, where Gita and I do our yelling about comic books. Finally, a topic where I have as much to say about a topic as tim does!

Please watch this space, and support independently owned game journalism!

finally, jaffcasting

but for your new podcast, will you be kept to pace by the beat of a horrible buzzer? That's what I want to know.

My heart is the horrible buzzer. However, this show is edited by @“esper”#11 quinn

@“Jaffe”#p139386 Wah HEH!!

you should all be as excited as possible about this, Jaffe and Gita are god darn electric. hearing them talk about this, it is absolutely clear how much (the comic being discussed) matters to them both, and it's been a privilege editing them as well as wildly frustrating having to keep it all under my hat until now. :3

gita's always brought some of the best energy as a regular guest, so i believe it

You know, I read this announcement but tempered my expectations because I didn't exactly know which Alex Jaffe it was. Not that I have anything against the other Alex Jaffe!

Big congrats to Alex Jaffe and all others, I'll definitely be subbing. Very exciting to add something else to my weekly podcast cycle, along with IC (of course) and Gerstmann's show.

Also very cool to see @andrewelmore is tangentially involved via the site's branding. A bunch of good people involved <3

This rules. @Jaffe Will you discuss Marvel and indie comics as well as DC? And, dare I ask, even manga?

@“whatsarobot”#p139443 We’re starting with a deep focus on one particular DC book, but after that we have many plans. We want to do James Gunn’s filmography. We want to do Strong Bad Emails. If this goes well, you’ll be hearing a lot more from us on a great lot of things.

Probably not much Marvel unless I am paid a lot

@“Jaffe”#p139449 You had me at StrongBad.

Will you be know henceforth as The Jaffe?

Today’s the day!

And so, the insert credit expanded universe grows even wider…

@“Jaffe”#p139503 What a good Podcast name. Goddamn.

So, what‘s the best/easiest (if not even necessarily legal) way for me to read up on the subject matter of 52 Pick Up? All I’ve seen are references to “The New 52”, which I think is different.

@“Shaneus”#p139543 the New 52 is indeed something different, a company-wide reboot from 2012 that I know Jaffe doesn’t like.

52 is a 2006 weekly series, written by five of the most prominent and talented writers DC could gather, deep in the War on Terror-era with some themes that reflect it. I’m only up to issue 6 myself (because that’s what’s been recorded for the show and I’m trying to stay in tandem), but it’s gripping stuff.

You can find 52 at the usual places like [Amazon](, but if you’re looking for a physical copy, I recommend going to your local comic book store or library. To read digitally, you can check out [DC Universe Infinite]( (US only), or through your local library’s app, usually called Hoopla or Libby (different libraries use different apps)

Then again, we’re not affiliated with DC comics, so i can safely say if you look up “read dc 52 online” you might find some more affordable options……….

how come that one guy gets a stool but jaffe isn‘t even included in the picture. what’s up with that

@“yeso”#p139547 what?

oh sorry I meant on the website there's that drawing of the different people