Alternate soundtracks to games

I‘ve been playing Post-Void a bit in the evenings lately and having a lot of fun with it. The music isn’t bad but it got a little grating to me after about 20 minutes. So I turned down the game music and I switched on the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack and boy howdy, I'm enjoying the game even more! This got me thinking there are probably folks on this forum who have similar experiences. Not necessarily looking for music from other games, just lovely pairings of any stripe.

I always think about when in highschool I would pair White Zombie‘s La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One with Twisted Metal 2 and wouldn’t you know it, Rob Zombie music in Twisted Metal 3. As a teen I was like, “they stole my idea!” Anyways I still use that album as my custom soundtrack in Twisted Metal PS3.

Wipeout Pulse on the PSP supports custom soundtracks as well and I remember subbing in some Dragonette, Robyn, and Crystal Castles into that one along with the Cold Storage soundtrack from the first game.

a friend of mine turned the godawful music in Dragon Quest XI off and replaced it with the soundtracks of assorted other JRPGs. i only found out about this after i‘d already finished DQXI, and wish i’d had the idea myself. but i played through the game on a Switch Lite with headphones, so it wouldn't have been that feasible for me anyway.

back in my NBA Street Vol 2 days, a different friend of mine and i would often listen to The Roots' album Phrenology and _god that was nearly twenty years ago_ * disintegrates into pile of dust *

Definitely had to turn the music off while going up the tower in Azure Dreams last night and put on some random YouTube playlist. That game could have used a few more tracks.

Geometry Wars (the XBLA version) and more specifically the Wax On Wax Off achievement is forever associated in my head to LCD Soundsystem’s albums of that era thanks to / because of the Xbox 360’s custom soundtrack feature.

The excellent [Dungeon Encounters]( has a godawful soundtrack and therefore became a great [podcast]( companion for the 30 hours or so it hooked me.

I already mentioned this in a similar thread but the Mega Drive game [El Viento]( is somehow forever linked to Annie Lennox’s album [Diva]( in my personal teenage experience, and consequently has become the unofficial soundtrack of the game for me.

But most importantly I will never be able to listen to ↓ this theme ever again without hearing the lyrics in my head. Oh shit this should go into the songs that had lyrics thread.

I bought this album at the local record store recently and just kinda had it on while the wife was playing Pokemon Arceus and the music fits so well.

It's traditional Japanese instrumentation in fusion jazz/rock styling and it's a blast to roll around the Hisui region catching some mons to.


@“chazumaru”#p57965 The excellent Dungeon Encounters has a godawful soundtrack

what has happened to uematsu. it's wild