Amazing Armaments, Excellent Equipment, & Wonderful Weaponry

What are some notable weapons and gear in games? One of my favorites is the Doom shotgun. Powerful and practical, it is only outdone by the Doom II super shotgun. Satisfying mechanically and aurally few gaming firearms scratch the same itch. Accept no substitutes.

whatever this thing was supposed to be:

@“treefroggy”#p135291 umd sword

can any brits here explain the Concrete Donkey from Worms? I never understood this joke. or is it just true absurdism

@“treefroggy”#p135301 it might just be absurdism. We do refer to incompetent or idiotic people as donkeys and there is a good twitter account called Led By Donkeys which is about the incompetence of our government. So it might be a joke about a statue of one of our leaders or something.

I hate this country.

@“treefroggy”#p135291 it's for cutting giant pizzas clearly

I‘m always interested by weapons that waste a player’s time to get and only provide a marginal upgrade.

My favorite is Poo's ultimate weapon, The Sword of Kings, is super unnecessary but I think it's always fun to get in Earthbound.

My least favorite is the Zodiac Spear in FF12 for the simple reason that the original north american version of the game you could only get it if you don't open specific chests. Otherwise there's a 1 in 1000 chance that the chest will appear in the Henne mines with spear (sometimes it would have different shit in it) and you have to wear specific armor for to get it. This was later changed to be a reward for the hunts in the Zodiac version, but the damage to my sanity was done.


Getting the Balder Side Sword during my first playthrough of Dark Souls really turned my experience around. Always grateful when I get one of these in a drop!

@“safety_lite”#p135367 Dark Souls et. al is a rich vein for this.

There is also of course the BASS CANNON


...but I think the _Souls_ series regular ZWEIHANDER is plenty iconic in of itself, not just the meme modified version. I actually think I might love the slowest and clunkiest and most unwieldly version of it of all, which is undoubtedly in _Demons's' Souls's._

And I am going to steal the pleasure of mentioning it from @"treefroggy"#449, but, of course, there's the Moonlight Greatsword.

It might not even be possible to narrow down just one amazing armament, excellent equipment, or wonderful weapon from _Bloodborne,_ we have perhaps not seen a higher concentration of such things all in one single game before. Ludwig's Holy Blade had ZWEIHANDER devotees like myself covered, so I'll stay true to myself and mention that one.

Also…… fine, I'll admit it, it might be basic, but, I am sometimes susceptible to nostalgia, and I do still get at least an inkling of the same feeling as from when I was a kid every damn time I get the Master Sword in a Zelda game.

[color=yellow]**It's the sword that seals away darkness and repels all evil!!!!**[/color] And, I'll know for sure that you're lying to me if you try and say that the modern design of it that was established in _Link to the Past_ but then refined from _Ocarina of Time_ onward isn't absolutely exquisite. Via what I think is the _Twilight Princess_ model:


What a triumph of, just, character and world design, distilled into a single object. I really think it's a compelling aesthetic mix of "sacred relic-of-relics" and "practical tool for battle."

while it isn‘t super practical there’s something so satisfyingly tactile about the Needler in Halo games. the rapid-fire sound effect launching a ton of needles into an enemy and then the slight delay before they all explode.

@“safety_lite”#p135367 There were times I may have gotten it without knowing what was even going on back in the day, but last year I intentionally got one, and it took like 5 hours of trying hahahah

sure Souls weapons are cool. But that's just not hipstery enough
gotta be the morning star and triple fang from King's Field


@“Gaagaagiins”#p135386 I do still get at least an inkling

I love getting an inkling! with a paint roller!

tho tbh i eventually graduated to dualies

made me feel like lara croft!

@“Tradeghouls 'n ghosts”#p135416 I only played Splatoon 1 but I liked that they included the Zapper in both orange and gray forms as a weapon.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p135386 The TP design is peak, naturally, because that's still the most ornate it ever got. They started simplifying the design from SS on.


I really like the hooked harpoon-swords that Tidus wields in FFX. It's a detail I don't think I've ever seen elsewhere.


***Perfect Dark゛***still has one of the coolest arsenals of any shooter and two of my absolute favourites are the Cyclone and Farsight XR-20. Every weapon in the game has a secondary function, and the Cyclone's is just to discharge every bullet as quickly as possible out of its muzzle. The way it reloads is also cool as hell.

Gosh, I also forgot to point out the blue tri-point muzzle flash. Exquisite, colourful art design for an M-rated FPS. Excuse the quality as it had to be footage from the N64 original.


### ^get ^or ^get ^out․

The Farsight is an alien weapon, one of the [Maian]( ones which means the UI and reload animation all change to be distinctly like it was produced by these protoypical greys. It was a nice touch the dev team did to make the Skedar and Maian weapons all feel alien beyond just how they physically look. Oh, and it shoots through walls.


@“treefroggy”#p135474 (mops knowingly)

I have no idea why, of all things, these swords from Tales of Symphonia popped into my head first. That's not even my favorite Tales game! I guess these two swords just stuck themselves somewhere in my brain, waiting to be summoned for 20 years.

I'm sure I'll think of more later.