Amazing title screen songs with animations synced to the music

I know there have to be more of these, but here's a start.

Top Rank Tennis - Game Boy

Skate or Die 2 The Search for Double Trouble

Fester's Quest (starts at 27 seconds)

Revenge of the Gator kinda does this. The gators are not always exactly on cue but they do always sync with the last beat.

I think (unsurprisingly) many rhythm games do so as well. The Rhythm Tengoku series always sync their title screen to the beat, for instance.

I'm not totally sure these 3D ones count! you can sync anything to a panning vista

This is an ending, but fulfills the conditions otherwise. I suspect there are more dancing endings than intros!

Tempo has a good one (though does it count since it's almost a cutscene?)

Ristar is a simple one:

Slightly off beat but you can tell they're trying to sync every part of this:

This one tries really hard but doesn't get synced:

I know there are some real good examples out there, they must be found!!

Oh, a good one from a twitter associate!

@hellomrkearns#3402 The Skate or Die 2 intro feels so much like a video game version of music-synced Christmas Lights displays before they existed.

@capsulecity#3453 the perfect description of what I'm looking for!


This was the inspiration for the opening of Crosstown, which apparently there are no YouTube videos of, so maybe I'll make one later.

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh that's a great one!

Here is another maybe too obvious one, but the timing of the Sonic 2 intro always felt great with the sparkle, character pose, and background reveal timings… and even the falling star at the end. Short and sweet.

@exodus#3447 I rewatched the MGS4 screen pretty closely and I think the action is pretty clearly synched to the music track: e.g. the thrumming electronic instrument and main melody begin as Snake pauses his walk through the cemetary, the bass beat kicks in as he lights his cigarette, the slow speed of the camera pan seems to roughly match the time signature of the music, etc. (my vocabulary for describing music is limited so it’s possible I may not be using these terms 100% correctly but I hope my meaning is clear)

The music track was composed by [a guy who does this very professionally](; I’d be curious to know whether the music or the title screen animation came first!

There are definitely other examples of 3D games with “cinematic” title screens that I thought about posting but didn’t (e.g. [_Chrono Cross_](, [_Xenosaga Episode II_]( since the visuals weren’t as clearly synchronized to the specific music tracks.


@exodus#3447 I know there are some real good examples out there, they must be found!!

Surely you are thinking about that wonderful game we all unconditionally love here, Chuck Rock.

I'd like to give an honorable mention to all of the Sega / Mega CD intros:

@exodus#3447 wow! how have I never seen the Tempo intro before?

Kirby's Adventure

Yes!! Chuck Rock is what I was thinking of, clearly.

and fair enough @2501!

I don't feel like those sega/mega CD intros are linked to music, but I do like them!

More of a title screen song that syncs great with the opening cinematic, but the way the song hits right as the hand pulls the leaver down always gets me in Vertexer.

Also, Vib Ribbon:

If I were a millionaire I'd port vertexer to saturn