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Bubblegum Crisis, Streets of Fire Trailer, by Ashyukun

@"copySave"#p68509 haha, gosh, I love Streets of Fire.

@“connrrr”#p68890 I‘ve never seen this mashup! It’s very good. You‘d have to know both of these properties in order to know this wasn’t actually how it was supposed to be, ha ha.


@“DavidNoo”#p68498 DBZ Linkin Park

I had a tab with [this]( (WATCH ON YOUTUBE) in it intending to share it when my Internet died a week ago. I remember some kinda-friends sitting at my computer in 2007 looking this up. I hadn't ever heard of "Lincoln Park" before


@“connrrr”#p67431 Meowth+Togepi4ever

watching this _smacked me_ in the _face_ with remembering a different video I haven't seen since 2007: I heard this song on the radio (what station I had been listening to I cannot say, but I don't think it was a Christian rock station), and looked it up later as it had gotten stuck in my head. I didn't know what this "CCS" thing was, and still don't. I could not tell you how I remember this.


Watching it again I do remember the scene at 2:33-3:00 made me feel some kind of way. I liked that the boy and the girl were wearing similar outfits. ||¡Realmente te amo... !||

@“connrrr”#p68890 Same with Megazone 23 - they even see Streets of Fire in the movie!

>!goddam i love streets of fire too!<

Depeche Mode-Halo remix Final Fantasy


AMV not my song i do not own any rights to any of this video….

I suppose cuts of movies set to music must be their own thing, but I associate the format with anime, so I'm posting this here:

[Clips from Jia Zhangke's movies set to Go West by The Petshop Boys](

I don't know if there's any other Jia Zhangke megafans on here (hopefully there's at least one). I didn't realize how many memories I have of all his movies until I started to tear up watching this, which of course is really dumb. He (and his collaborators) have managed to create a world in their movies so distinctive and memorable, filled with both cold hostility and warm comfort. I guess none of that is really apparent from this particular video, but it was enough to incite my memories and make me cry, so that's something!

@“saddleblasters”#p98046 That was super cool.

@“saddleblasters”#p98046 OMG I loved Mountains May Depart! I saw it on the big screen in 2015. That movie inspired me to see a Jia Zhangke movie I like even more – Still Life.

I will say, the third act of Mountains May Depart in 'the future' kind of lost me **until** that scene at the end. It was a truly magical ending and I love the way that Pet Shop Boys song ties the whole thing together.

I wanted to share two of my favorite AMVs, but they have both disappeared from the internet. Save the stuff that's important!


Anime: Кибер-виток / Denno Coil (Cyber Coil), Coil - A Circle

Music: Би-2 feat. Диана Арбенина - Из-за меня

Date: 31.05.2008

horse games count as anime right

Nightcore :handshake: Anime

@"Mnemonic"#p114972 I love that someone's weird tribute to three doors down/horse game with 80 views from 8 years ago is forever in the internet

Depeche Mode AMV - Suffer Well featuring The Animatrix, Sam Cham and Revolutionary Girl Utena as well as something with a red car, shout it out if you know it.


As you‘ve seen in the other amv’s, I have a little bad habit LOL, tend to re-use scenes, but‘s just some of these scenes can be put together in a different way!!…but mostly, is my computer’s fault ‘cuz I worked with a really low ram, ending up making miracles to finishing this amv’s, hope you understand xD


Todos los derechos a sus respectivos autores

>All rights to their authors…

Datalore AMV -Android Lust-Stained- for sass-trekking


Here is your totally awesome and gorgeous Datalore vid sass-trekking ^^

I hope you like it my dear ^^


Music is from: Android Lust-Stained


Clips are from: Star Trek The next Generation


I just made this video


Clips are from: Star Trek The next Generation

Confirmed TNG no longer discussable in the Television Thread (NO ANIME ALLOWED)

@“captain”#p117596 the list grows

##### Things that are now anime
  • - anime
  • - Seinfeld
  • - horse games
  • - Star Trek TNG
  • - Star Trek DS9
  • AMV - Card Captor Sakura - Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This


    Retrieved from the lost archive of my pc…AMV made about 6 years ago.