An thread where we can discuss/recommend tiny games

This is a forum full of people who like games that try to do interesting things, maybe lack technical polish, maybe fail to accomplish the interesting things they try, but at least are full of Heart.

Doesn't that sound like the kind of games we like? Does that not also sound like the kind of games that are on is the future! You better believe it!

I'm sure we all have a million billion games in our itch library after buying the BLM bundle last year. What have you played? What do you like? What do you think more people should be looking at? This is the thread for this. Also, other tiny games that aren't on That's okay, too. It's just that is the website that I know about.
WARNING: lots of bright colours on this page

This is a game I found on itch a few years ago. I don't remember how I found it. I like the first sentence of the description: "The goal of the game is to find your favourite room in the catacombs."

I like games with low-res 3D graphics, where you drive a car or fly a plane around a cool-looking place. I see lots of games like that around, but I never think to write down their names! And then I forget what they were called! So, on a personal level, recs for games like that would also be appreciated.

Link bomb! Warning, most of these are at least primarily walking simulators. First 2 are my favorites!

If y'all like to talk about and other small indie games, may I humbly suggest that you check out the Itch Club channel over at You can find the channel down in the Goblin Quarterly section of the sidebar.

All are welcome! It's a very chill environment and we'd love to hear about your favorite or other indie games! We also vote on a weekly game to play from the Big Itch Bundle for Racial Justice that you can get in on if you would like as well.

Hope to see some of you there!

_Godspeed and good Itchin'!_

This is great, I need more itch games in my library. Post more low poly stuff everyone please!

Since I don't have any itch games to recommend, I'm gonna post a few of my favorite pico-8 games instead.

[Cab Ride](

[Nest 2](



[Super Hot Pellet Muncher 2000](

Dear Substance of Kin!!! Is really neat!

Dear Substance of Kin by Deconstructeam, Ivan Papiol

it's a small horror game that immediately gives you a sense of place, the arcane, folk magic, etc - it feels like it's based on something, and maybe it is, but maybe it's not!? It's got a unique vibe that I am jealous of, so give it a try.

Hahaha, I haven't played it. But on the front page of itch there is game called “Trash Queen.”


You're a raccoon. There are dumpsters and benches all over. Go wild.

Love it with all my heart.

Not a whole lot going on with trash queen it turns out. invisible walls aplenty though!

Memory of a Broken Dimension


Dive into an emulator of obscure research hardware dredged off the net.


Uncovering remote 3D scans excavated from the RELICS virtual machine, you trespass among fragmented ruins; transmissions of a long-frozen data stream.


But when the stream begins to thaw, no system can handle this overflow…


@Snowdecahedron#15812 Ooh! That first game looks very interesting to me! I will definitely check it out.

Magic Wand, and other games by thecatamites

Lieve Oma (a walk in the woods with your grandma)

almanac of girlswampwar territory & the _girls who swim as fertilizer through the warm soil cloaking the roots of the glorious tree of eugenics (giving birth to a black hole in a walmart parking lot at 1am), by porpentine

Damn absolutely checking some of these out!!!

my contribution is I think a fairly well known game but it’s definitely my reference point for finding good things on itch

"A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love"

I loved this game when I played it a few years ago. Very genuine and sweet. is a short, cute game that I really liked. has some neat games too that are worth checking out too.

You should also check out my stuff ( but I, uh, can't really recommend it good faith lol.

A 3D platforming game that's surprisingly complex for what it looks like.
Weird RPGmaker game, fun dialogue.

Also, I played and enjoyed some of the previous games shared like "Brave dog's road" and "almanac of girlswampwar territory & the _girls who swim as fertilizer through the warm soil cloaking the roots of the glorious tree of eugenics (giving birth to a black hole in a walmart parking lot at 1am)" (I sure am not getting a good ending in this one but had fun traversing the world and you gotta love a game that comes with a guide)

@thiccnick#20681 I haven't played it yet, but Kero Blaster might fit what you are looking for (or Cave Story, for that matter).

@thiccnick#20681 maybe bobo robot?

This is not but it's a really cool tiny top down platformer, it is interesting seeing how this game makes a weird idea work so well, and i like how it looks very different than other Pico-8 games

@ana-yipyip#21206 This is really cool. I love how the level design make so much out of the combination of just a few elements. I like the feel of the jump too.

@ana-yipyip#21206 Thanks–this feels a bit like a top-down meat boy to me in the amount of english you can impart while in the air and how rapidly and infinitely you respawn. I feel a little bad for all the little popcorn amoebas

I just killed…

Also very thoughtful to have a wobbliness slider, though I kept mine at the max!


Dear Future is a multiplayer wandering game where you photograph a cryptic city using an inherited camera. Working collectively with every other player in the world, you must document the ruined land of your predecessors and lift an ancient curse.

Have not tried yet but sounds super interesting

Update: It was not that interesting, world is a bit empty and samey but the idea is great!