Analogue Duo

curious to hear Brandon's thoughts about this...
i will probably pickup the adapter for the Pocket.

I‘m really excited that there’s going to be another Pocket adapter. I love the idea of having one device to play so many different games without emulation.

Really makes you feel like you live in a Sci-Fi future. Like Jean Luc Picard had one of these growing up.

So here's my things:

  1. this is a cool device, and does what NEC should've done at the time which is integrate supergrafx tech into the duo (homebrew could get interesting with this)
  2. I'd vaguely like to have one
  3. I will not get one because I guess I‘m pretty upset with analogue’s business model of “you must hover over the button for a chance to give us money.”

I really don't like this because:

  • - it's a preorder, so... just let us preorder as many as people want? If there are specific caps you have to reach, just accept preorders in those blocks?
  • - artificial scarcity has created a ridiculous secondary market where if I want an analogue pocket the way to do that is to spend $1,000+ on ebay for someone's preorder slip
  • - they let people preorder TWO, so the majority of these are selling a 2nd time in the secondary market

  • I just find the whole thing annoying and upsetting, why gate this stuff, it's antithetical to their professed desire to preserve the stuff for future generations.

    So as you can see I am CONFLICTED.

    I feel the same– I‘m really bothered by Analogue’s preorder model in general, not just for them, since even big console makers (Sony in particular) pioneered just this kind of behaviour.

    I'm not sure exactly why it is that companies don't just do something like sell the thing for $1000 (or whatever), to start with. Clearly there would be buyers for it, since the secondary market is thriving. It would lock out a bunch of folks who couldn't afford it, but it already locks out a bunch of folks who don't have the time to hover over the preorder button because we have to, you know, work and stuff. As it stands, the only people benefiting from the way they handle things are the scalpers. I also think that they're realized they can use scarce preorders to build hype, which is probably the reason they do it this way in the first place.

    Cause let's face it, this is essentially a luxury item already, since it only really caters to folks who own at least some pretty hard to get games for an older console. They should price it at least partway to that.

    That's neat!

    I like how Analogue are making two products that compliment each other. The Pocket with a HuCard adapter and a Duo would be a nice hybrid setup for playing PC Engine stuff at home and away from home.

    Seems like the adapter is kind of the bigger story of the two. A HuCard adapter really positively adds to the Pocket.

    I'm still not going to pre-order anything, but they are interesting systems.

    This is probably the most interested I've been in one of these things, the original hardware has gotten really expensive in the last couple of years. Sure wish I could just buy one without going through a bunch of bullshit, but I guess my RG350m plays these games pretty well anyway.

    I don‘t think it’s super likely that this will sell out nearly as fast as the Pocket did. Nothing else they‘ve ever sold prior to the Pocket has, and a lot of that was probably due to coronavirus impacting production so severely. It remains to be seen exactly how many they’re going to produce, but the Turbografx is such a niche product to begin with, and judging by the reaction to today's news this is only going to be purchased by the more hardcore fans. kind of got the sense that this might be a one-and-done sort of thing, though, and but of course there will be scalpers, so who knows.

    I agree that the business side is a turn off. Looking at the product website is like going to or whatever. Wow looks great, thanks for showing me this thing I am unable to purchase. Maybe more frustrating in this case bc I could buy one if they would allow me to give them money

    As someone that who has no TG16/PCE stuff and is interested into getting into it, this seems like a good option, but who knows if I could actually get my hands on one. The appeal is just getting one thing that basically plays everything without having to worry about various different pieces of hardware, cap kits, rgb mods, and stuff at a relatively low price, but all that goes out the window if you can‘t actually preorder one. And I’m certainly not going to be handing my money to scalpers.

    I do hope they solve their production issues (which I suspect are not malicious, though suspicion of any company for doing something anti-consumer is warranted).

    Provided they solve those issues, I'm intrigued by this as a way to dip my toes into catalogs I have no experience with. I've never played an NEC machine, but surely there are games worth playing on them which can't be found elsewhere.

    @crumble#7669 The thing is though, if so many scalpers are able to make such a massive profit on the Pocket, then there‘s a fairly reasonable chance that even if the Duo is more of a niche thing, enough speculators will be drawn to it simply because of the success the Pocket had. So I wouldn’t count out the possibility of it instantly selling out.

    Of course, if there are less people who want one to actually use it then the resold preorder slips won't be as crazily priced as they are for the Pocket.

    Anyways, I still think this would be a nice thing to have. I'm in pretty much the same boat as @buglehawkem. The Turbografx was long dead by the time I started playing video games, and none of the older kids I knew had one -- all I ever saw were Super Nintendos and Genesises. I've played a decent number of PC Engine games emulated over the last few years, but never on actual hardware. There is so much crazy amazing PC Engine stuff. I am 100% ready to go all in.

    So, if I can get one of these, I will. It's coming out at just the right point in my life.

    “Limited quantities.”

    I hate this.

    I don’t really like promoting the MiSTer community at all but I feel the need to pop in and say that MiSTer has a great tg16,cd,supergrafx core

    I want this but not really. That about sums it up. Reflexively, instinctively, I really want it. And I like that it has a CD drive - it was kind of disappointing, if understandable, that there wasn't an Analogue Genesis with a CD drive.

    But I don't se how I can personally justify it. I am lucky enough to have the "real thing" when it comes to functioning (and maintained, with recap and laser adjustment) TG hardware. So, yeah. I dunno. I'll see what I feel like when it actually comes out.

    as someone who owns multiple PC-E CD games, but has only ever played them through Magic Engine a looong time ago, i've always wanted to pick up an actual console at some point, and something like this would be cool, buuut…

    yeah, i honestly had no idea Analogue had such crappy business practices. i'd first heard of them, maybe in the last year or two, from Digital Foundry coverage, and thought the idea of their product was cool. but i guess that's one of my (mild) complaints about DF, is that they never really contextualize anything that they cover in this way. and i get that that's not the point of their channel, but still

    @buglehawkem#7677 I'm in the same boat, no TG16/PCE stuff (outside the mini one), but am interested in this release.

    Leading up to it, I've been watching ebay for stuff, and the prices on everything seem so high. So I'm starting to question if I really want one if it's really just going to be a gateway to spending a ton of money.

    Odds are my decision will be made for me through the pre-order process, although I was able to secure a pocket somehow.

    edit: sorry for bumping this after five months! people will probably expect there to be news. My mistake. I guess they did announce some ways they're trying to curb scalpers going forward though

    My advice for basically anybody getting into this hobby is to emulate stuff. Playing on original hardware, especially with pc engine/turbo grafx, doesn‘t change the experience that much. For genesis and stuff you get that blur with the horizontal dither and whatever that fakes transparency nicely, but the pce doesn’t really have that (all dithering looks like dithering).

    If you really like the form factor of it though you can also get a flash cart for hucard games and you can burn an ISO for any of the CD games... you don't really need to own the stuff.

    yeah i suppose there is probably a turbografx mini hack, and there will probably be a pocket hack too once that is out. it's not like the other analogue releases where I have some use for the physical functionality with the bonus addition of side loading games. but it does look pretty sweet…that is marketing i guess

    edit: and here was that info addressing the scalping:

    Also the Mister has been my go to way to dive into Turbo CD stuff and it has been great. There is the Hori pad for that authentic feel. And outputting via component to a CRT looks fantastic. God, now wonder I though the PCE CD was bunk when my first main experience of it via emulation on the OGXBOX.

    But you know…. more often than not it's more about owning things than playing…… The pull of these kind of devices are so strong. As my gamer friend and I call it, The Gamer Curse……