Analogue Pocket

@golok#3662 looks like I am wrong about that!

dang, maybe I'll have to actually preorder one. heck

Pinging of the Racing Gears recommendation, I think the best game that studio (Orbital Media) did is Scurge Hive. A breezy isometric metroidvania with a strong aesthetic / soundtrack. The DS version is technically better, but its perfectly playable on GBA.

Sadly, their other game Juka and the Monophonic menace certainly looks nice, but is a real slog to play.

I heard so much good stuff about Scurge Hive but never got into it - I should really give it a go. Somehow the box/logo always turned me off from the game.

Oh yeah, here's a deeper cut - this Azumanga Daioh puzzle game is pretty neat:

this person doesn't know how to play, but basically you're trying to line up all the stars so they'll connect across cards, which then translates into hits on your opponent. It's almost like Gunpey but with one row at a time, and more nodes? It's good, if a bit slow paced!

Personally I really like the idea of an FPGA handheld, but the use of real carts and the adapters and stuff makes it a little hard for me to see myself actually using one. The resolution seems a bit overkill too for the range of consoles it‘ll support imo. I’m kinda curious to see how much of that pricetag is going to packing several dozen pixels into one upscaled pixel.

In a lot of ways I think the commitment to accuracy might make this a niche console in the handheld "emulator" market. I don't know if people here have been following Chinese emulation handhelds over the last year or two, but the competition in that market has really exploded. For instance, I've got an RG350m from a company called Anbernic that emulates everything up to PS1, has two USB-C connectors, HDMI output, a full dualshock layout complete with clickable sticks, and a [gorgeous milled aluminum chassis]( For a hundred bucks! It's expected to get a refresh this year bringing it up to an ARM processor capable of some light Dreamcast and N64, too.

There's some really solid innovation going on from these manufacturers, too. The new Retroid Pocket 2 managed to get [local wireless multiplayer]( working on several consoles, including arcade emulation. Plus Moonlight game streaming, because it's running highly-customized Android under the hood. For eighty god-darn dollars.

I respect it a lot and I think it's a cool project, but for me I think emulation is generally "good enough" these days and the convenience and price of the alternatives kinda kill the more premium authentic experience for me.

I think emulation is definitely the future for all this kind of stuff. But as a person sitting on a bunch of carts, with a dog who likes to sit out in the back of the house, I want to sit outside and use them. So that's where I am on it!

Gotta have a shout out to Car Battler Joe. The JRPG Mode-7 Car combat game

Warioland 4 also looks lowkey great. I played the first couple of levels and kind of want to try to complete it.

I would be remiss from excluding the excellent Warioware games

Kinda weird how Wario just had his moment for a minute there. With a whole style and a cast of characters. It was really stylish

Glad that the Bit Generations games have already been mentioned. I just want to say that one of them, Coloris, is absolutely one of the coolest games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It would sure look great on an Analogue Pocket.

I do kind of want the Analogue Pocket, just because there‘s so many pocket emulators out there and they all kind of are mystery meat hardware + battery + build quality. There’s also been some open source gaming portables that try to do a lot (The Pandora, for instance). There's also building one yourself with a Raspberry Pi. There are a million zillion ways to carry games around with you but most of them seem like novelties and not built for serious road use.

It's also cool that they're partnering with GB studio to make some Gameboy developer tools! I had a crack at them a while ago and found it a bit limited at the time but maybe that's been opened up.

I‘m interested in the Analogue Pocket too, but I want to wait to see what the “second FPGA” and “custom cores” support ends up being before I commit.

I’ve been on the edge of building a MiSTer for a little while now, and the pocket is something I want to know more about before I decide what direction to go.

If you like weird slow walk around and talk to everyone anime franchise-based RPGs with a combat gimmick, those Medabots games are GOOD

i really love the look and scope of this thing but it’s gonna be too dang expensive

maybe my friends who all have ableton push controllers and i could pool our resources together and share one. they can all make their chiptunes and i could play Metal Slug First Mission every now and again

they just added stock notifications for some out-of-stock stuff, which i am taking as a confirmation that they will be trying to keep the analogue pocket re-stocked as well.

Aside: I sometimes wonder if being a handheld makes a big difference. i‘ve tried playing emulated GBA games on my laptop/xbox and it’s not the same as holding a handheld and being on a tiny screen. There is something fundamentally different about playing a game under your blankets at night or traveling in a car vs sitting upright at your tv.

i really wanted one of these when they first announced them, but as time has gone on, i‘ve cooled down a lot more on the idea. i don’t actually have that many of my old gameboy games, as i lost a lot of them when moving around when i was younger, and the idea of starting to invest in a collection again is enough to deter me. plus, you cant even plug this thing into your gamecube to play Crystal Chronicles with it!!!

one thing i don't think i say anyone mention is that this comes with Nanoloop pre-installed, which rules! i still write music on LSDJ on my old DMG, but the idea of being able to plug this in seamlessly with HDMI to show others what's going on, or even just compose with a controller from your couch seems super cool. maybe we'll even see another small "chiptune boom" again

Retro Ko recently had a sale and reminded me there‘s some GBA modding stuff out there. Outfitting a GBA with a better screen and rechargable battery would be about $100 and you’d have what is, in my opinion, the best form factor for the GBA with none of the drawbacks of the original design

@marlfuchs2#3805 I really want to do this. I need to learn how to solder.

having 4 face buttons turned me off big time.

That‘s a good point. Why does it have 4 face buttons?

5 of the 6 systems it is compatible with have 2 face buttons, and the last one (the Lynx) doesn’t have that 4 button SNES like configuration either.

It messes up the _Gameboy but nicer_ vibe they seem to be going for.
It's a leaner design then the original Gameboy, but I don't think it would look good next to a Gameboy Pocket.