Android Music Player

So it turns out Google Play Music is being discontinued for YouTube music which doesn't seem to support listening to music files on my phone offline. Does anyone know some good Music Player apps for Android?

Features I'm looking for:

  • - play music offline
  • - play files directly off my phone
  • - don't have to manually add all files to app (looking at you AIMP)
  • - no ads
  • - nice-ish UI
  • Does anyone have any recommendations? I am in desperation

    Does the YouTube Music app not support local files offline? I only have a few mp3s on my phone, but they seem to be playing fine, even with wifi and 4G off.

    Not that I'm saying that it's a *good* music player, it's not. I've used PowerAmp in the past, and I've heard good things about Phonograph.

    100% the thing you‘re looking for is Musicolet. you just put files in it, it’s 100% offline, you can just drag whole folders in, no ads, UI is incredibly basic (in a good way) and I instantly understood how to use it without any rampup.

    @exodus#6310 Yes this looks like exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!

    Sure thing! I've been using it and have no complaints.

    You could also use VLC Player