Announcement from the Moderation Team

Hi everyone,

Syzygy has decided to move on from the Insert Credit forums. On behalf of our whole community, I’d like to thank them very much for their contribution as lead moderator for so many years. I know we will all respect their private and personal decision to leave. Brandon or the Admin and Moderation team can’t make further comments regarding Syzygy’s decision, but you should all know that it was on good terms.

As part of this decision, Syzygy has requested that their account be deactivated and deleted. The Admin team is going to do our best to honor that request. This may cause a few technical or formatting problems on older threads (we’re genuinely unsure!) which is why we are pointing out this change.

This situation is an opportunity to remind everyone that the Insert Credit Forums are public and you should assume that anything you post on the forum can be publicly scraped and indexed. It’s impossible to permanently delete something that you’ve posted on this site so please set your own boundaries in the way that works best for you.

Thank you Syzygy for your leadership, and we all wish you well.