Anticipated games for 2024

with the next year being only 20 days from now, I think it's reasonable to start getting excited about video games that are planned to release in 2024!

more than a few come to mind for me

  • - demonschool, necrosoft games + ysbryd (of course)
  • - the mermaid's tongue, sfb games
  • - crow country, sfb games
  • - world of goo 2, 2D boy + tomorrow corporation
  • - metal slug tactics, leikir studio + dotemu (might not be 2024 but one can hope)
  • feel free to post about your anticipated releases in the coming new year!
    I'm sure there's probably some stuff I'm missing/forgetting about

    I‘m really looking forward to the Another Code remake on Switch, which I think is supposed to come out in January? I never played the Wii game, and it’s become stupidly expensive (like everything).

    Also excited about Eiyuden Chronicle, assuming it doesn't get pushed back to 2025 or something!

    Oh! And Penny's Big Breakaway, because I am a sucker for bright, polished looking 3D platformers.


    i put trace memory on my 3ds, i need to play the rest of it

    it seems pretty cool

    penny's big breakaway also looks rad

    I have a phone note that I use to keep track of games and releases dates for each year so here's a selection of stuff from that:

    I am cautiously optimistic for and anticipating two big Atlus games: **Persona 3 Reload** and **Metaphor**

    Curious about the big slate of Level 5 stuff too, mostly: **Inazuma Eleven 4**, **Megaton Musashi Wired**, and the new **Fantasy Life**

    **Tsukihime remake part 1** should be fun

    **Ys X** surely(hopefully) will be coming out next year in English but hasn't been announced yet

    **Shiren 6**, **Unicorn Overlord**, **Dragon's Dogma 2**, **Touch Detective 3+ Collection**, and **Granblue Relink** are other early year stuff I'm excited for.

    But really the Big Boy for me this year is **Final Fantasy VII Rebirth**!!! I am hooooooting for that one.

    This caught my eye a while ago as I was so amazed by the design style:

    It's embroidered!! I've seen many art styles but this is a first for me!

    Pathologic 2 - The Bachelor Route


    DDD: The Natural Playboys

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

    Football Manager 25 (major tech overhaul, addition of women's leagues)

    @“yeso”#p143757 Szrot has the potential to be so so so hot, very excited



    Gameplay Features


    Semi-open worlds


    Customize your Szrot

    Help babcia with her groceries

    Drive home your drunk friend before he pukes

    Flee from the police

    Annoy commuters

    Backing Demonschool, Dragon's Dogma 2, Unicorn Overlord, Metaphor and others, and adding off the top of my head:

    **Dome-King Cabbage**

    **Skate Story** (maybe?)

    **Clock Tower**

    **Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story**

    @“yeso”#p143760 Is that My Summer Car-ish? (I've always wanted to check out summer car, maybe next year is the year)

    I am going to mine this thread for recommendations and to discover things I hadn't heard of or are otherwise not on my proverbial radar.

    Some things I'll add to the list here:

    and my Big Triple A Nonsense Of The Year to check out for next year is probably:


    dome king cabbage and the jeff minter story, hell yeah

    will smoke the heck out of both of those

    Too many games to count! Aside from big games like FOAMSTARS, FF7R, P3R, DQ3R, Ys3R-R, etc, some great games are entering Early Access next year like Hyper Light Breaker and Hades 2… but I‘ll probably wait until they have fully released. Surely at some point ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier and Toby Fox's Deltarune will come out too right? ….right?

    I'm looking forward to [Life By You]( the sensible scandanavian approach to The Sims. Almost as much as I'm looking forward to [inZoi](, the ostentatious korean approach to The Sims.

    SaGa Emerald Beyond looks cool, but what looks cooler is The Secret of Varonis, an indie SaGa / Final Fantasy Legend-like!

    The Silent Kingdom, a dark Otome-JRPG has piqued my interest!

    As for strategy games, Dream Tactics looks cute I think the way they are incorporating deck building could be interesting:

    I'm tentatively excited for Dark Diety 2... the first one was a serviceable SRPG, but it had some problems that I think they could fix and turn into a really nice experience. The spritework and animations look like a big improvement, but I hope they made improvements to how the skills and levels work, and especially making sure that the new units don't trivialize the old ones every time.

    I don't really know what to expect from Botany Manor but I would be totally down with a puzzle/adventure game about botany!

    Lotta picks I‘m excited about in this thread. Here’s a few more:

    [The Conformist](

    Lots of great mentions so far, here are a few of my most anticipated projects that I don’t believe have been mentioned yet. Unfortunately, I don’t believe any are actually confirmed for 2024 at this point:

    UFO 50 maybe probably hopefully

    Demonschool, yes. Another Code on Switch, maybe!

    I'm most intrigued by **The Plucky Squire**, personally.

    Besides titles already mentioned, I‘m waiting on Geneforge 2: Infestation. It’s a remake of a set of games I never played back in the day, by a developer whose games I've otherwise extensively played (esp. Exile/Avernum). Sort of an old-school RPG style with some creature creation and writing as good as a veteran dungeonmaster.

    I don‘t think there’s an actual release date yet but I backed Mina the Hollower on Kickstarter because I loved Shovel Knight and this follow up is exactly my shit: An incredibly authentic looking Link's Awakening send-up with a spooky Castlevania aesthetic complete with a whip-wielding protagonist.

    Really looking forward to Momodora: Moonlit Farewell. Reverie Under the Moonlight is one of my all timers, and I'm excited to see how it will be followed up.

    @“GigaSlime”#p143903 heck yeah, thanks for reminding me about this one!