Anyone think they could write 450 words on Tides of Numenara?

Felipe Pepe, creator of The CRPG Book, is working hard on an updated version with tons of new games, including many games not from western countries. However he‘s run into a snag at the end here and seems to be struggling to find someone to write a good review for Tides of Numenara. I haven’t played it enough to help, but I‘m really excited about this project and thought “Hey, maybe someone on IC could help” so I’m making this post.

I‘d never even heard of it, heh heh. it’s a tough sell when the creator of the book says they don't like it………………

I oughta finally get around to playing this game (unhelpful post but I appreciate the reminder to play the darn thing)

@“Yeso”#p51877 It‘s worth playing if you’re interested, I‘d say. Some of the ideas it has are very cool and it’s interesting to think about how they could have made it better. And hey, maybe you'll end up really liking it, some people certainly did!