Anyone watch that Intellivision Amico stream?

@donrumata#4268 wow. I keep forgetting about the VCS! Also the Retro Chameleon aka Retro VGS aka Coleco Chameleon.

I didn‘t and probably won’t watch whatever video they just put out but a lot of the commentary I‘ve heard from Tallarico has been weirdly fixated on retirement homes and assisted living centres and so on, based on all the old folk who are still playing Wii Sports or whatever, as if those people need or desire anything new and they’re a market unto themselves. I remember he seemed convinced that a shuffleboard game was going to be their secret killer app.

I vaguely recall Digital Eclipse's Night Stalker looking... fine.


@exodus#4256 Just FYI they literally asked us if we’d be willing to make (hushed tones) “christian games.”

Such a missed opportunity for you to release a squirrel raising game called Christian Nut.


@hellomrkearns#4154 Thanks, I finally took the time to watch the video (me and 37,000 folks) and I must say I would have never heard of this event without this thread. What a fascinating piece of manufactured wholesomeness built on Reaganian nostalgia. This makes me wonder if a lot of American people voted for Trump only because the character Donald Trump is from that era of American Pop Culture. I wonder if Matt LeBlanc could have a shot at the presidency in a few years when the Clinton generation kids approach retirement.

I find the idea genuinely interesting. I get the impression the entire marketing for this thing needs to go through Facebook groups and target the Christian Belt exclusively. They should maybe lean into the Christian angle even more, to be honest. Weird to see Scott Tsumura, (the son of) Evel Kneviel, the guy from BitTrip Runner and Doug TenNapel in the same video. I had no idea a professional cornhole league existed. I had no idea cornhole existed. This entire enterprise, sadly, seems more coherent overall than Stadia.

yeah, they probably should lean into that angle, it‘s about all they’ve got right now - but they seem most interested in leaning into intellivision “family round the TV” nostalgia which I think only exists for people who are now grandparents. There‘s a lot of specific stuff surrounding this that I can’t say but their fig campaign is definitely interesting to look at.




@“zodiko”#p4096 There are five pack-in games, including Cornhole, which is cornhole with motion controls.

i wonder if it's the cornhole game by _incredible technologies_. i wonder, but not enough to expend any effort at all to find the answer.


this above comment by me is evidence that i have no idea about this thing: i didn't realize this thread was started in august.

This makes me wonder what an alternate console (that plugs into a TV) needs to succeed. I don‘t think one can, since they’re all generally Android based hardware for ease of manufacturing and finding cheap and performant hardware. The last real competitor felt like Stadia, because they had a bunch of money to throw around and novel tech (play games at max spec, without the hardware cost)

I guess if you produced something that could run current gen games *and* you got some heavy hitter exclusives, you might have something, but I couldn't imagine anyone throwing VC money at something you have to manufacture, box up, and sell to regular people.


@“exodus”#p4104 through and saw they didn’t put doug tennapel in their earthworm jim zoom call. they’re gonna avoid showing him to skirt controversy while still having him work on it and voice the character, cool

sidebar: i had to google him to remind myself exactly why he sucks (he sure does!) and was amused to note he's heavy into the nft scene now, because of course he is, and his stuff is not exactly going 'to the moon'.


@“marlfuchs2”#p57048 This makes me wonder what an alternate console (that plugs into a TV) needs to succeed.

A new PV, answers Amico.

@“chazumaru”#p57117 hilarious. it's like the wii and wii sports never happened

Me and the Amico marketing team agree on one thing: the problem is League of Legends

[upl-image-preview url=//]

[upl-image-preview url=//]


There is something truly funny about them talking about modern controllers being complicated in comparison to this:

[upl-image-preview url=//]

Really boggles the mind what they think the market for this thing must be. I mean are people with Amico-age kids even confused by game controllers anymore? The dualshock was released like 25 years ago, controller designs have been locked in for decades. At this point the Intellivision is over 40 years old and more foreign to most people than a modern game controller. And hell, if you're old enough to be nostalgic for it you're not going to have kids that are young enough to want to play these games.

I grew up with an Intellivision – I really liked it at the time! We didn‘t have anything else, so I suppose I didn’t know any better, also.

Even ignoring the awful people at the helm of this new thing, I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to buy or play it. I really have no idea who it is supposed to be targeted at.

@“chazumaru”#p57117 this ad feels like it's targeted at people who have just won their hard-earned freedom from an underground doomsday cult


@“rejj”#p57137 I really have no idea who it is supposed to be targeted at.


@“whatsarobot”#p57139 it’s targeted at people who have just won their hard-earned freedom from an underground doomsday cult

puzzle solved!


and consoles became expensive

not to fact check intellivision but weren't all the second generation consoles the equivalent of like $1000 when they came out