Anyone watch that Intellivision Amico stream?

@“tapevulture”#p57148 Yup.


$275 in 1979 is worth $1,056.07 today

@“hellomrkearns”#p57023 Hmm Phil Adam, eh? Wasn't he involved in that Coleco/Retro VGS thing that never happened? I swear these people are like English football managers; on an endless rotation doing terrible jobs at each place but still getting hired.

“It didn't take long for video games to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry!”

“Intellivision Entertainment has already raised seventeen million dollars for the development of Amico!”

Am I being pitched this as a business investor? Because if I'm advertising to families then why are the financials tied into this? Also the price of the thing is only a little less than a standard Switch. Something that more than likely will be bought for the family. It really does feel like everyone involved has been under a rock since the mid 90s.

@“JJSignal”#p57206 Having spoken to some of them, it sure feels that way. I think the idea of targeting the platonic ideal of the “wii player” who may have lapsed since then is somewhat sensible, but a) switch does it halfway already and b) this is certainly not the way to do it. there‘s nothing in this that actually proposes why it’ll bring families back together other than it‘s multiplayer and it’s got cornhole (this kinda stuff is already on switch as well of course Party Arcade for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Official Site). I think the value proposition is shrinking daily here.

They seem to be addressing – not specifically in this PV but since Amico’s inception – the same Red States audience that made Yellowstone a huge hit on TV recently, so I must admit I am mostly morbidly curious whether that audience believes it’s not being served (or properly addressed to) right now, whatever the realities of the video games market may be. At face value, the Amico is obviously a dumb product, but maybe their messaging is onto something about the psyche of a part of the American population.

@“chazumaru”#p57216 I haven‘t kept up with the Amico much, but I I’m someone who has lived in red states and rural areas most his life. Anecdotally, the Wii wasn't popular in my parts, mostly Xbox people.

I think the red states aren't quite the monolith that many people make them up to be. Even though literally everyone around me has seen Yellowstone and keeps recommending it to me.

I'm not representative of whatever a typical red-state person is, but I do understand the appeal a bit. I do wish more games were simple in the way of easy to learn, hard to master with very basic controls. I love couch co-op as well.

The big thing I don't understand is why there aren't these simple, group experiences on the other boxes using phones and tablets? Is there some technical limitations that have kept Sony and Microsoft from making their systems support simple party games that anyone can easily hop into on their phone? Why have I never been to a friend's house and they're playing, say Bomberman, and I hit the Xbox app button, tap two things and now I'm player #5, using my cell as a controller? Why isn't my cellphone a modern vmu like the Amico is sorta trying to be? It really feels like consoles would have a much broader appeal and open up a lot of cool play mechanics if they played nicely with phones.

@“Herb”#p57270 Well! What you are describing has in fact been supported by parts of SIE, mostly Sony Europe back when they were largely at odds with Sony America (before Jim and Hermen took over the entire games business) and pushing for more casual stuff such as Singstar, Eye Toy, Playstation Eye, Buzz, You don’t know Jack etc.

Nowadays, I believe all three major hardware makers allow games to connect to a phone as an alternative peripheral. Some versions of Just Dance and all versions of Jackbox Party include this feature, for instance.

However, this is currently not an OS-level option that provides access via virtual gamepads on all games. Each game (such as Hyper Gunsport) needs to implement this feature on their own. I heard a rumor that wishlisting games on Steam increases the odds they do, but I dunno.

The OS-level situation may change in the future on Xbox, considering the recent xCloud implementations, but I don’t see the current profit-driven Sony forgoing its extremely lucrative controller business so fluidly.

Amico fixing to be the new Gizmondo.


The fact that they‘ve got a guy who they’re supposed to pay $100 per console sold involved who was investing literally less than a million dollars is so funny to me. Like seriously? 40% of every console sold for not even a million dollars. This company is supposed to be delivering multiple different models of console, exclusive games, an online store, etc etc etc. 40% of every console sold is going to one guy though.

Hell, that modern gamecube controller, the Panda, raised over a million dollars in kickstarter money and canceled orders because they didn't think they could deliver on time. Meanwhile Tommy is over here promising anything to anyone for chump change.

@“chazumaru”#p57277 That's interesting to know. I was vaguely aware that Jackbox was a thing that uses cellphones, but I had no concept of whether it interacted directly with consoles or not. I have no clue when it comes to hardware capabilities if things become sketchy when you have 4+ devices connecting via Bluetooth etc. to one machine, so that was the brunt of my concern with the feasibility.

Of the three companies, Microsoft definitely seems the most on brand to take incorporating phones seriously. Most people are very tethered to their phone, so it just seems strange to me that none of the consoles have taken strongly to incorporating phones. The modern consoles all have a share button, mounting a phone to a controller and having your phone do all that through whatever gaming app just seems to me a more logical and direct process to tying game players to social media. I feel like the Wii U would've had a lot stronger chance at success if it was just a pro controller that had an adjustable mount on it for cellphones, which sold for about $100 less because it didn't have this monstrosity of a tablet in the box. That isn't Nintendo's style at all though.

Of course, as cool as I think all the game play aspects of incorporating a 2nd screen, or using your phone as a simple controller could bring are; tying your phone to a game system is just gonna unlock more dark shit. It'd end up more directly tying in the negatives that comes with cellphone games and social media into the console experience.

@“exodus”#p57213 Whole different can of worms, but I think the “wii but 2022” audience would just buy a Quest 2. You can find them for $200 refurbished at this point, so they‘re cheap, and it’s an evolutionary step up motion controls-wise and a lot of games on it have similar sorts of experimental “but what if we just wave our arms” stuff going on. It also has a ton of shovelware made by some presumably starving coders in basements, so it even has that end of the wii spectrum covered.

(This is ignoring a lot of factors, one of the main ones being VR motion sickness and having to sort of adapt past it).

Honestly, it's as if they want to, yet again, be mocked on the Insert Credit show.

Which one of you did this?

Hey, it may never release but you won’t say it was never unboxed.

I hope they omitted showing the plug adapter(s) for Europe due to concise video editing choices because otherwise "Hans” ain’t gonna like plugging that Type A 110v American power cord on his Type F 220v〜230v European socket, even if we charitably assume that their power adapter covers 100v〜230v.

Apropos of nothing, has anyone called it the Sorry Intellamico?

Intellivision Amico Había Amicado

There's a part of me that wants to buy those dumb boxes they have just to be involved in the fall from grace. (not that there was much grace to start with)

who are you going to trust, tommy tallarico or some guy on reddit claiming to be a lawyer? Ok now that I think about this it's kind of hard to decide