Appetiser and palate-cleansing games

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@“LeFish”#p80122 For real. I realise I’m deviating from the thread a bit (and it’s probably worth it’s own thread) but a lot of the time these days I need to warm up with something bite-size before I get into something substantial. My current go-to is Hide and Dance on Switch - a breezy, low budget rhythm action game that’s perfect for a 5-10 minute burst before something else.

What are some of your favourite brief / low-effort . jump-in-jump-out games that you play to warm yourselves up before playing a giant burger of a game? Or what are the games that you play to reset your sense of being, perhaps _after_ playing / finishing a giant burger of a game? They can both be the same thing too!

For me, I've mentioned Hide and Dance in my initial thoughts as the current game that fits the bill. It's genuinely funny and charming and I can comfortably play two or three of the excellent tracks before jumping into something more substantial. I also like to have a spin with any sort of Puyo Puyo, Tetris or generic match-three puzzle game for a few minutes before sitting down with something else.

As for a palate-cleanser, I've recently been sat at my PC a lot more than I normally would be and as a result I find myself frequently playing Game Type (a.k.a. _**"PARKOUR! PAAAARKOUR"**_) when I want to transition from relaxing with from a long game into a more constructive activity. I have talked about how silly this game is on the forum before but at its core it's a shmup that satirises the Xbox 360's dashboard indie discoverability circa 2011. It's very simple and not as mechanically deep as other games from Mommy's Best Games portfolio which, for me, makes it ideal for dinking about in before doing something productive as I don't get hung up on mastering mechanics, and such.

I really enjoyed Mom Hid My Game and want to try Hide and Dance.

One of the best things I did for my gaming setup was to get an external drive for my PS5. It is loaded up with PS4 games and makes it really easy to have palate cleanser or chill out games accessible immediately. Similarly, sticking a big micro sd card in my Switch really helps with this.

I'm really enjoying shooters as my palate cleanse games at the moment. Ketsui on PS4 and Dodonpachi on Switch. I'm not great at shooters but love them dearly so it's nice to dip in every now and then and slowly see my skill level increase and edge towards a 1cc.

Also using puzzle games for appetiser/palate cleanse. Money Idol Exchanger on Switch and Puyo Puyo and Mr. Driller on PS4.

If I want something meatier, I love to dip into EDF 4 or 5 and MGS5.

Sports games are a go to for me. I just finished disco Elysium. Heck of a game! And I‘m playing this mode in out of the park baseball that sims a lineup of cards and a set strategy against other peoples’ lineups. It sims games in a seasonal structure every 30 mins and it's fun to check in on 10 minutes a day.

Also like bubble bobbles or slowly learning b-mups.

Picross is always nice and cozy.

I recently got into the Disaster Report games and was surprised by just how chill they are. Going in I was expecting Final Destination, but in reality I received a thoughtful Survival JRPG with a lot of comfy exploration and talking to people. The first one can be finished in like 7 hours or less. Raw Danger is the crown jewel to my understanding but I was surprised by some minor things that I preferred in the first game that weren’t present in RD. I was even more impressed by just how much the first was attempting so long ago and yet on such a small budget. Still early on though with RD and enjoying it all the same. And playing around with the recently translated 3rd entry I can tell I’ll enjoy it just as much. Can’t wait to hop into the 4th in anticipation for the sequel coming out in the future.

  • - MAME random roll as discussed in tbe thread. Arcade games tend to be meant to be enjoyed in short bursts, and if you do get sucked in then you found a new favorite game
  • - Daily Challenges tend to help break out of the roguelike "just one more run" loop by not letting you immediatly hit restart. Often the 5 seconds it takes to menu back to the normal game is enough to remind your brain to move on to something else
  • - Short console action games. It takes me roughly 20 minutes to go on the Ninja Gaiden ride. I've been on the ride hundreds of times. It's a fun ride. I don't particularly care about how fast I complete the ride, or how many points I get on the ride, so I don't ever feel much reason to get right back on the ride. It's a known quantity. Me and Ryu Hayabusa will do some jumpin and some slashin, and then we'll watch that 8 bit sunrise and move on to somethin else
  • I like a short action or puzzle game between rpgs. I recently did this with kero blaster which was the perfect palate-cleanser imo. Very tight game with all the fat trimmed off.

    I have to be careful with palate cleanser games! Last year I ended up with carpal tunnel problems from playing Picross, which used to be my palate cleanser game of choice. These days, I play a careless level or two of a Neogeo game on my Switch, which typically does the trick, something light like Top Hunter or Sengoku. I find that I’m so familiar with them that I don’t need to put a bunch of effort in to beat them, I can just noodle around and enjoy the sights.

    Championship Soccer ‘94, Puoyo Puoyo Tetris, any Mario Golf game, Descend, for awhile there Hades. All palate cleansers for me. I don’t think I‘ve ever consistently gone to a game to warm up, but I almost always play 15 minutes of something after spending hours on a different game. For me I love going to something that’s both not challenging and I know I like. Like a gaming comfort food.

    I‘ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 recently as an appetiser before something else. Before about a month ago I’d not touched the game very often for a long time but the introduction of a stream of new and returning courses this year and next has brought me back.

    I'm digging how some of the returning tracks have been revamped and pay homage to the originals. The N64's Kalimari Desert involves going through the train tunnel on the second lap, and it feels like a nice homage to a shortcut in the original where you could trigger the next lap if you went through it with a star active. I think, of the latest crop, the Super Circuit's Snow Land has been lovingly recreated as has Mario Circuit 3 from the SNES game - the music from the latter owns so hard in MK8 too.

    I daresay as well that the tracks from Mario Kart Tour are kinda good, if sometimes complicated given that they all seem to change layout every lap which can be disorientating.

    Good stuff. Worth going back to revisit if you have the game.

    I think my three main cleanser games are Rocket League, Rogue Legacy, and like 5 years ago was Wii Sports Golf.

    Not sure why, but starting up a new Rogue Legacy always feels nice and cozy to me.

    ARCADE stuff is always a good reset. Not going to get specific because it applies to nearly every arcade game…. with exceptions.

    Sonic Mania is my go-to on my PC.

    My go to palate cleansers/appetizers:

    any fighting game I know pretty well already, crank the difficulty down a little or a lot, play arcade mode or part of it, just fight and chill.

    Play just the first level or two of a snappy favorite: ( for me, Super Mario World, Star Fox 64, Ikaruga, Doom (1993), Streets of Rage Remake, and so on)

    Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast

    Desert Golfing (back when it was on my phone)

    Downwell (also back when it was on my phone)

    Luftrausers (I liked it a lot on my PS Vita)

    One level of Katamari Damacy

    I would describe every Mario game as a palette cleanser but also as my favorite game.