Arcade -> console conversions

We covered this topic quite a bit in the Dreamcast thread, but now we have a new platform: ZN-2.


Sony ZN-2 is based on the Sony Playstation architecture. It provides more RAM and the access to data is ROM based instead of disc based.

Here's the newly released ZN-2 -> PlayStation conversion of Tetris: The Grand Master.

I know the guy who made the Fenrir also hinted at STV conversions. But same deal here, is there anything important on the ZN2 that wasn’t ported back in the day? I guess some of these went to DC instead of PS1. Still the Tetris alone is a big deal.

Also. Fun note. Another good example of this is getting Triforce games running on the Wii

@robinhoodie#11290 definitely going to try to play the triforce games on my Wii. A holiday project

@tomjonjon#11335 Its funny because a lot of these arcade machines are just the home system with more RAM and flash media for the games. The Wii essentially is the Gamecube with more RAM, so of course the conversion would happen. I think these ports were available even in like later 2000's.

@robinhoodie#11346 I’m just excited to try out F-Zero.

does TMNT2 The Arcade Game for NES count? lol

becoz, it took one of the best arcade games with an amazing soundtrack,

chiptuned said soundtrack!

and added two levels!

I love that game so much!!

I was gonna try to make an argument for st-v having some unported decent games, but that looks to basically be completely incorrect! I guess maybe Final Arch (3D baseball) and a couple mahjong games would be about it. hmm.

all the ZN-2 games have come over more or less. I guess if there were a way to boost the dreamcast's ram we could get Naomi ports!?