I have a friend that does book scanning for at the local university and she occasionally sends me more interesting things. This is by far my favorite. A book of Japanese design prints from around the turn of last century.

@“Chekhonte”#p101895 That's a find!!

This might be the best thread on this site.

trawling for lotr files for a friend

[img width=600][/img]
...something is wrong here

@“captain”#p102299 no that looks right to me

an interesting heap of videogame soundtracks.

@“pasquinelli”#p106152 woah! I've never played any of these games I think. That makes me excited to listen.

Been trawling through the dregs of Archive dot org lately and gosh it's really easy to find nazi stuff on there. Not exactly archival stuff, but more like the video a weirdo made two weeks ago about jews and white genocide.

Anyway, separate from that, here's an entire archive of the Weekly World News:

Found these old Capitol production music records.




I was looking for sketches of animals and saw a lot of NAUGHTY photos uploaded. And I REPORTED THEM!

Has video streaming on the archive been noticably slower recently for anyone else? I was previously watching videos no problem, but now they're barely loading.

@“hellomrkearns”#p111792 I thought that was just my ISP throttling my Internet because I was visiting a ton of games in quick succession, but I guess not.

Sudden warning: the Internet Archive has become more diligent in removing items that exist for people to pirate easily. The New Batman Adventures (which I was in the middle of watching) got taken down, as did a couple Tetsujin shows I‘d been looking forward to. I don’t have a complete list or anything and they‘re applying it somewhat unevenly (more because they don’t know about every item in their archives), but best to err on the side of caution and watch whatever you want to while you can.

@“Video Game King”#p111810 seems to be working better now.

Anyone interested in watching a musical animation film that's been more or less lost since it firsted aired nearly forty years ago?

@“Video Game King”#p116604 yes

Here‘s a bunch of The Minds Eye (70’s San Fran) adaptions of classic literature into radio dramas. I grew up listening to these obsessively and am not surprised I am a podcast and video essay person as an adult.

The Dracula adaptation is my personal fave

Lost Hanna Barbara cartoon found. There is some WILD drawings in this one and some hilariously ham handed social commentary

@“pasquinelli”#p106152 Only just discovered this thread now, but this is one of the links that have been pulled :frowning: