Are any of y'all at PAX?

If so, come to booth #503 which is the demonschool booth TOMORROW and try to find me so I can have you record a PAX anecdote. I am DRY ON MATERIAL HERE. It will be in the next episode (lol).

Or just come play demonschool.

I am several thousand kilometers away from PAX, but I hope everything goes well on the event!

@“exodus”#p83836 By the way, what are your (or your game’s) plans for ❶Tokyo Game Show, ❷Gamescom Singapore and ❸G-Star 2022 this year? Getting some sweet sweet judge gig invitation from Sense of Wonder Night by any chance?

@“chazumaru”#p83842 SOWN has disowned me after I complained abput their process lol

HOWEVER we will be at tgs anyway and should hang out. I'm gonna email people tonight

I‘ll probably delete this thread tomorrow so in the meantime here’s one for the insert credit likers