Are PC users feeling the slow death of their games platform ?

Still bad on Windows too though lol. At least it still feels untenably bad for wireless connections to a printer. I want to Office Space this printer my mom and dad have every time I need to use it. And I’ve gotten a ratty old commercial label printer to work on a Windows laptop before. Don’t ask me how because it was hard and a long time ago.

Surely some of the blame should be shared with the manufacturers at this point. They’re too busy telling your printer to not print anything unless it detects both a subscription and that a proprietary ink cartridge purchased directly from them is installed.


The blame, as almost always, lies with the manufacturer. I’m just as willing to lay the blame on printer companies for making it impossible to use their printers as I am for Coca-Cola for not collecting and disposing of the bottles they sell you. The end consumer is almost never the problem with a bad product or the consequences of a product!


As long as it remains relatively easy to uninstall or hide the garbage in Windows, I don’t see it going anywhere as a platform. Every few months I have to do something like disabling their AI nonsense, but that’s a relatively small annoyance.

I agree that prebuilt Linux boxes could become very popular though, just based on the Steam Deck sales alone.

Suboptimal analogy, 'cause it really is Coca-Cola’s fault that they choose to maximize profit by selling their product in plastic bottles, which are much, much less able to be recycled than glass or aluminium. They fail to get recycled even when the consumer does everything right, just because their municipality straight up lies about its recycling capabilities!

Something might be just particularly shit about that particular printer, though. I think it’s from a weird time where wireless printing was still pretty new and consumer adoption of mobile devices was just starting to explode. So it seems like it has a whole bunch of dumb ways to send it to documents to print from mobile devices. Also the interface is just really bad:

I’m only somewhat sure that the middle right button on the 2x3 panel is to enable the Wi-Fi connection. But also what the hell do all these other fuckin buttons do. Why is it a touchpad. Why can’t it fuckin beep or something once it has registered my pressing of the Cancel button?

I understood what most of these were for after going over the manual trying to figure out why my dad couldn’t print something off of his laptop one time, now I forget what all of it does.

I love my printers, because they’re laser printers from Brother. My latest love is the RMFC-L2730DW.

On the driver side, they use standards for all their features, so it’s the easiest configuration possible. After putting my printer on the network, the printer is available for printing and scanning without a fuss. I can also print from my iPhone without a problem either.

On the hardware side, laser printers are the solution to your woes. People tend to overestimate how much they require colour. If you make that small sacrifice, you gain peace of mind. That’s worth giving up colour.