Armored Core 6 Rantin' and Raven

Who else is gonna get it??

I was depressed because I did not think that I would be able to afford it, so I put it out of my mind, but the devil known as Gamestop is ensaring me again with its deal to trade 3 games in of a certain minimum value and get one new game free. And... I _do_ have 3 I can trade in...

I honestly am not a huge AC fan but I think that is just from a lack of opportunity to play any of them. So I'm anticipating that I will be a new incoming AC fanatic.

I also haven't been paying much attention to the prelaunch hype or previews, I just watched a few of the info deficient trailers. Is there any kind of multiplayer???? Giant robot

Me, I will. I will pilot the Armored Core and reluctantly mow down the protestors and squatters (mi bredren)

I'm still unsure if there will be multiplayer also.

the only thing I am sure of, is that the future of FS remains very interesting.

I still have the last PS1 AC game to complete, and after that I may as well check out *FRAME GRIDE* and the PS2 games.


@“treefroggy”#p129803 Me, I will. I will pilot the Armored Core and reluctantly mow down the protestors and squatters (mi bredren)

Maybe Armored Core 6 will have gone WOKE and in the new game we will become a magic robot terrorist (complimentary)


@“treefroggy”#p129803 the only thing I am sure of, is that the future of FS remains very interesting.

Hell yeah, for real. Even after, at the end of the day, I'm left with some minor-if-lingering regrets and disappointments about _Elden Ring,_ I can only see that as just more like a moment where they flew just a bit too close to the sun. I think whatever their next big game is gonna be after AC6, is gonna be something really next level.

For me, AC6 kind of represents something different enough that I think it will be refreshing, and also familiar enough to something that I've always had a background, unfulfilled fascination with, that I'm not very invested in, like, having a mindblowing time with it. So I think I'm gonna, like, have a really great time, just based on not having ideas or any particular hopes about what it's going to be like to play.

Also giant robot

I will get it eventually, but I have so many other games to play that I'm trying to avoid new titles. I will probably cave when folks around here start talking about it though.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p129804 My problem with elden ring is that development began before sekiro, and it shows, because a lot of what sekiro does, I still like a lot more. AC6 has been in development since like 2016 or 2012, but, you know, it‘s not as directly comparable as sekiro & elden ring. Shouldn’t be an issue.

I'll quite probably be in on the giant robot action, though perhaps not exactly on release day. I may have a chance to grab it and have a stomp & boost around this coming weekend, or I may need to wait until some time next week to give it a look.

I hope they have a full Greek keyboard for you name input still. I wanna be κακοθερής, which roughly means “bad at summer”

I will probably catch some side-hype and play the old ones. I don't have any of the tech to play the new stuff, so I always lag about five years behind the hottest latest. I booted one of the old ones up a while ago and I remember it being a real controller adventure.

I'll get it, not too much of an Armored Core fanatic, tried the first one and bounced back, but I bought For Answer and had a blast with it, im curious about how a modern From Software handles a mission-based game that apparently is also 50 hours long??

NDA is lifted & I can finally say it's good shit. play it & smoke it

I was planning to hold out a year or two until I upgrade to a PS5, but have been playing a lot of early 90s or sword/fist action games lately and a new, shiny, mecha action game is kind of the flavor I am craving. Need to see how it runs on PS4 (expecting it to be fine) and will be traveling a lot these next few months so something portable is going to be a better fit for actual playing. It looks like a ton of fun and I love the PowerPoint mission briefing story stuff, reminds me of playing Ace Combat on PS2.

i have a still-sealed copy of Resi4 remake, ff16 sitting unloved, yet to roll credits on TOTK. yeh i'll probably get that armored core i guess lol

interested to see what now industry-leading From has done with one of it's perpetual “6/10” series

I‘ve bought it before launch and I’ll test it game one but this is going to be one of the games I'm playing this September.

I liked what Armored Core seem like and I will be taking my time to play through this.

@“yeso”#p129864 Your mom is a 6/10

I'm getting it! I dabbled with one of the PS2 games but I really enjoyed 4 and For Answer. 6 looks fantastic. I really like the grim, war-torn robot aesthetic and big environments. In the trailer their is a canyon with honeycombed wind turbines and I love that kind of future version of thing you know but in a warzone look.

I also think the dialogue is really special in 4 onwards. It's not the best dialogue but the game treats you like you are the pilot and assumes you know what everyone is talking about. The dialogue is often short, sometimes cryptic and frequently has a teenage level of war philosophy about it.

Check how cool the intros are

five bucks says Patches will be in it

@"Chopemon"#p129904 I see your AC4 intro and raise you the intro for *Master of Arena*, with music by Kota Hoshino, _the Evergrace guy_.

I am prepared to do my Armored Chores tomorrow:

  • 1. Do the laundry (apply cool cosmetics to my mech)
  • 2. Sweep the floor (for enemy mechs)
  • 3. Take out the trash (get rid of those nasty squatters)
  • As a dedicated Souls freak, I preordered & am excited. Slightly worried it wont catch me immediately and it will sit for a year then I‘ll fully dive in. Doesn’t help I have 2 days of play then have to go on a work trip that Sunday.

    I've "tasted" Armored Core games throughout the years but never fully dove in. Have some friends who are fully invested, so that should help.

    I’ve never played an Armored Core game. Although I HAVE played the FromSoftware masterpiece known as Metal Wolf Chaos. I will be getting AC6 because I love their games and will support anything they do.