Armored Core 6 Rantin' and Raven

I have played at least 9 of these until the wheels fell off. AC, AC2, AC2AA, AC3, AC3SL, AC Nexus, AC Last Raven, AC4, AC For Answer.

I played the others but not at a time when I could play them 12 hours a day.

_I am ready._

I didn’t realize the game comes out tomorrow, it feels like they just announced the game. Guess I’ll be playing it, already warmed my pc up with FFVIIR Intergrade

@“treefroggy”#p130052 This is already out, at least in Europe (I'm talking about digital versions because the physical ones have been arriving during the 24th. I already played it, but I think it may be already available to everyone.

something AC6 deserves but sorely lacks are dramatic boss entrances and/or personalities. are all the Elden Ring devs working on something else? all they needed was to rig some mech textures onto ER boss skeletons, but instead I'm bored to tears. at the very least I expected some underground hangar to open with generous steamclouds and some megalith rising from the deep, standard Shmups 101, but they really flew that tutorial boss in like it was patrolling the wrong side of the map or something.

My CoRe iS e X P a n D i N g

Giant robot

(gonna be going to get my copy tomorrow morning)

  • - The radio chatter you get from casually floating into a blindspot unawares already makes this game feel 300% more human than elden ring
  • - The controls are buttery smooth. They are like god damn whipped cream. Do not use the default control types. Customize it!
  • - the menus are so fast and clean it feels like i have gunplas in my hands.
  • - >!first boss is a police helicopter in a slum for giant robots.!<
  • - the image editor rules
  • - >!one of the decals is a "brains fried" meter!<
  • been an expensive month so i‘d decided against AC6 but… i’m seeing too many people having too much fun, i couldn't resist. downloading now

    hell yes

    Giant robot time soon, going over to the gamestpopotptpr in a bit

    Not sure I‘ll get it. I find From stuff to be pretty frustrating these days (note: “these days” is pretty key since I used to love the games but got to the point where I just didn’t want to deal with the type of difficulty anymore). Most reviews I‘ve seen for AC6 so far warn that, while it’s a good game, there's plenty of frustration to be had.

    I'm SolarPunking it. Purchased via CDkeys and am now downloading using my mobile tethered network.

    This will be great since I currently am being paid to live in a concrete hellscape where everything is on fire all the time!

    GOD I hope it runs well at 1080p on my 3060 laptop gpu… haha.

    I looked up the online features. It seems to just be VS. mode, but that's cool.

    Giant robot!!!

    The tutorial boss was kicking my ass for a bit there, but I figured out its weakness: ||giant sword||

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p130198 it takes a lot of guts to >!make an enemy 30 times your size and then have it mercilessly kite you around a fixed arena!<

    If Elden Ring is like a slow triple A version of Super Punch Out!! then AC6 is like a 4 dimensional Contra

    @“Reverse Kaiser”#p130092

    you're really just happy with a shiny piece of foil eh. fair enough. visual bluster's all it's got going for it


    I took a break from Intermission to boot up ACVI, here‘s my first impressions:

  • -

    yes, it’s extremely different from the PS1 & PS2 games I‘m familiar with. I played a little bit of 4 Answer back in the day, if I recall correctly that one didn’t have the PS1/2 tank controls. So I guess it would compare to that. I don't mind at all, I understand that this is the normal way to control anything these days, but a big part inside me would enjoy PS1 controls, haha. I was forged in flame.

  • -

    Closely related to that, I realized quickly that *boosters are free*. You can *hop* for free, dash around all you want for free. Only burst dash and flying expend EP.

  • -

    This is the first time I've ever played something that makes proper use of HDR. I've had a monitor capable of HDR for three years, but it's not an OLED, and I think it's just HDR200 or something that's considered "not real" or "no use" HDR. The only other game I have that utilizes HDR has been *Sekiro*, and activating it actually makes Sekiro look *much worse*. This time around, I can tell HDR on is the way to go for ACVI, it looks a fair amount better. I may even be able to use Ray Tracing in the Garage.

  • -

    That said, so far it runs beautifully and smooth on my RTX3060 laptop from 2021. It's a budget PC and basically the equivalent of a desktop RTX 3050. I'm pleasantly surprised, after *every single other game I'd been looking forward to running like shit due to production issues plaguing the industry*. After FFVIIR, Elden Ring, I'm very pleasantly surprised by this one.

  • -

    Unlike the earlier games, the difficulty is no longer frontloaded. At least in this tutorial area. I understand why they did this. Though again I would enjoy the old way, just get right into having all my dopamine seized.

  • -

    The environments are very exciting.

  • -

    makes me wanna buy an Xbox controller. Right now I'm using 8bitdo Pro 2. Could try using my Switch Pro Controller, that could be cool because the triggers are digital and tactile.

  • It feels like Armored core. There's a lot of modern stuff that was probably introduced in 4/5 that I'm not going to recognize and it will feel jarring compared to my PS1 experience. Gonna finish FFVIIR before I really dig into this.

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    please resume posting about the coolness of robots

    have to say I'm impressed so far with how From has stuck to its guns with this game: at least so far, the designers seem to have decided against the maximalist tendency that made _Elden Ring_ kind of mushy (imo). Then again, they dialed back for _Sekiro_ too so maybe I ought not have been surprised.

    It's interesting that they went ahead and made another AC that's similarly "unfun" and "unsatisfying" the way 4 and 5 were. Short bursts of technical gameplay with very little in the way of "lore" and other niceties. I'd assumed budget constraints were part of the reason 4 and 4A landed on that format, and maybe that was a guiding factor, but now that they have all the money in the world, From pursued that same structure and tone. Pretty interesting choice imo!

    Another thought: disappointed you have to be Raven and can't be Monkey Gordo. Also, the name Monkey Gordo + the mission brief call from "Schneider" now has me hearing all handler dialogue in the Longmont Potion Castle Voice. Don't knwo if anyone else has this issue

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p130198 yeah it killed me a few times until i stopped trying to play cleverly and just aggro'd the thing HARD


    @“yeso”#p129864 interested to see what now industry-leading From has done with one of it’s perpetual “6/10” series

    It is jarring playing an armored core that has frictionless movement controls and fluidity in movement, plus a more Zelda-like lock-on system. I can see why some fans are unsatisfied.

    It may be unlike anything witnessed in this industry before, a game series so niche, disappearing for a decade, and coming back with this confident, big budgeted, big bumpin, world class, state of the art bombast.

    In that way it feels like stepping into a new generation all over again for me. I like that I abstain from so many new AAA games, that when I pick one up like FFVIIR, Death Stranding, and this, it is the best graphics I've ever seen, every time.

    360 degree left stick movement feels so wrong. Automatically turning feels so wrong. and yet, that's the way. and I hear more people complain about FS stickless shoulder tank controls than not.

    I have not even finished the tutorial yet, so I know there's plenty of space ahead for my feelings to change, I haven't even begun to put the controls to the test. It's easy to see that they wanted to make this opening very approachable for souls' players.. Which is so ironic, since we're talking about Souls' players needing their hands held.