Art Jam Gallery, March '21

love it! I already have an idea for a sketch. :3

I just had a realization that if we decide it in advance (i.e. next time) we could announce the theme on the show!

Purple Tentacle heh heh heh.


Oh cool! Whens a good time to have a topic for next weeks episode?

While we coordinate that, I can collect suggestions if anyone wants to drop a topic for next week so we can start to announce topics a week earlier. [I started a little document for submissions](, so we can always have a pool to choose from!

### _[Share Your Topic Suggestion Here](

Happy Monday!

Heres one thing I whipped up last night. I might post another sometime this week.




I was waiting for that guy (waluigi)

Alright go easy on me

Everyone's favorite purple Sonic friend.

I call this piece "Evening Star".


@CidNight#22934 you colored it in!

@SuperEffective#22938 yes! This is with aquarelles - which I’ve never touched before.

I downloaded Blender this morning and have no clue what I am doing…

With that out of the way, I call this "What Purple Means to Me":


@milo#22936 just want you to know, this drawing put a real life smile on my face. I’m not a huge Sonic fan, but the Chaotix are some of my favorite designed characters ever

@kory#22946 Hah, love this!


Haha thanks!!! I've been drawing Sonic guys pretty much my whole life but I haven't seriously tried to draw Espio since I was like 10 so I'm really stoked with how this came out.


This is so cool!! I could see this being art for some sort of ad in a magazine or something. Really good stuff!! Excellent use of the medium too, I can hardly tell it was made in blender. Love the texture and shading.

@milo#22951 Thanks! I fumbled through the basic tools in Blender to get a render out then did some post processing in Lightroom, which I am much more familiar with. The final product kinda reminds me of the No Man's Sky logo.

@SuperEffective#22910 We record on Thursdays, so before/by then will be good!

I gotta be honest I’m not at all proud of my entry here so I might try to do another - that’s within the rules right?


You can post as many as you want!

Oh yeah, everyone should do as much or as little as they want! But also, you should be proud of any and all art you do, they are all your children