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I was just about to bring that up

@“Jaffe”#205 what‘s the deal with the History of the DC Universe. For those who don’t know, not the concept, but the book done by Marv Wolfman that attempts to tell the whole history of the new world created after Crisis on Infinite Earths. It's like a giant spoiler alert for DC as a whole, but within six months of its publication is was already wrong on multiple points.

Or I'm completely off my rocker, should once again sit down and take my pills so Rick Tyler the second Hourman can stop appearing in my soup.

@“buy-frank-lewd-mags”#p159403 The History of the DC Universe, and in fact all reference guides claiming to tell the history of the DC universe since, should not be considered reference guides, but contemporary on-boarding guides. They're there to catch you up on everything you might want to know at time of publication. The nature of the DC universe, again, thanks to many different creative teams all working on their own stories at once, is that all aspects of it are highly mutable. To codify it for all time is to limit its evolution.

hey it‘s me, i only ask Blue Beetle questions. did the 52 on Jaime’s chest ever go anywhere narratively?

@“Lunarchivist”#p159548 According to Cully Hamner, the 52 shape on the chest was a complete coincidence!

Hey Jaffe!

Not sure if you've spoken about this but what do you think of the canceled 5G timeline?

@“ManO’Steel”#p159553 I think there’s no way the plan was sustainable. It’s difficult enough to maintain one period of continuity, let alone 5. We saw this before in The New 52, and it would inevitably happen again: any attempt to codify the timeline is ultimately doomed by its application to a universe where the characters do not age.

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Answer honestly: when will the DC comic book world inevitably reboot once again ?

Sooner than you think.


What does DC stand for?

Detective Comics. This is why the company rarely officially goes by “DC Comics” anymore, but “DC” or “DC Entertainment.”

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In episode 2F09, Itchy strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. Are we to believe that this is some sort of magic xylophone or something? Boy, i really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

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Technically Itchy and Scratchy is closer to being a Marvel property.


What in the hell is going on here


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Sorry to tell you that this is a fan edit. Here’s the original panel:


Fortunately, the B-BONG is still part of it.


Well, that’s no fun… but we have something more fun than a fan edit now, which is the truth


Meanwhile, the Batman issue that uses the word boner 600 times is 100% legitimate.


That wasn’t even a BONER on their part as that was just a contemporary usage of the slang. This was a real BONER of a post, @buy-frank-lewd-mags


My son and I loved reading Super Powers! by Art Baltazar and Franco. It ends on a cliffhanger and the little guy felt his first true comics disappointment. It felt like a kid friendly embrace of silver age tropes. Braniac calls Jor-El dad. You get Composite Superman and New Krypton. What would be a good next thing assuming he’s already read all the other Art Baltazar stuff?