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@“MoH”#p153154 It‘s a judgement call. GPUs are coming down in price finally, so you could conceivably get a quite good graphics card (in this case you’d probably be targeting 1440p) for the price of an OLED deck or a little less, or a pretty decent GPU and CPU (and in this case 1080) combined for the same price. I‘d do some looking into GPUs that perform to the specs you’re looking for, then the CPU to pair it with, then use to fill out the rest of the components and see if the cost makes sense for you. Based on my recent experience building a PC in 2020 and upgrading it last year, I'd say a very good 1440p machine (sans monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers) would run you $1300-$1400 and a 1080P machine maybe a grand or a bit less. Could bring down the cost buying used parts where possible.

If any of the above suggestions are unappealing, then I think the answer is probably what you knew all along: buy the steamdeck.

@“yeso”#p153160 your reply is appreciated but it did provide the reality check i needed. sorry, yeso, but i’ll be playin pathologic 2 on that ol ps5

Pathologic 2 runs fine on the steam deck for what it‘s worth. I have an ok PC but still use the deck more cause it’s convenient. I think ps5 for current AAA games and the steam deck for anything else is a solid combo.

@“MoH”#p153164 yeah Pathologic 2 is officially steam deck verified, absolutely do not play on the ps5

What was your PS2 launch game? I had SSX and Dynasty Warriors 2. My brother got Tekken Tag and Timesplitters. Luckily those ended up at my house a lot. We also ended up with Madden 2001 for my other brother.

@“DaveedNoo”#p153261 i had a few (thanks piracy!) which included F1 04, Need for Speed Underground, Armored Core Silent Line, Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma, Unlimited Saga, and maybe one or two more i might be forgetting

Was there an episode of the pod where Tim was imitating the Honeycomb cereal mascot or was that another podcast I listen to?

@“connrrr”#p153709 yeah it was recent! I had forgotten all about Me Want Honeycomb!!! Until then. Good laughs all around

#323 I think

@“DaveedNoo”#p153720 that was it! Thanks!!

I never forgot Me Want Honeycomb that shit was flamas the way the milk would gather in the honeycombs.

Though if you ever had stale honeycomb it is somewhat similar to chewing on cardboard

I‘ve been craving some agua fresca lately and piña colada season is just around the corner, so I’m planning to purchase a blender in 2024. Any suggestions?

Steve Forbes from recommends the the Ninja Blender, which I have never heard of, so I'm curious if it is a reputable brand? My last blender was a cheap Hamilton Beach (because I love the sea) but it broke about 5 years ago so I'm a little hesitant to get another one from them. Others like Nutri-bullet or Magic Bullet have an "as seen on tv" vibe that I don't trust. I'm not out here trying to pay Williams Sonoma prices on a blender but if there's a compelling reason to get a non-entry level blender I would like to know.

@“Tradegood”#p154430 idk about blenders but i have a Ninja coffee maker i bought in 2020 and i love it. used it basically every day for almost 4 years and never had any issues with it. i'm very out of touch with appliance stuff, though, so i have no idea if making a good coffee machine would necessarily mean they also make good non-coffee devices.

@“Tradegood”#p154430 those Vitamix cultists sure love their blenders. I made hummus in one once, and it sure blent.

is a new console dedicated to playing pixel art/low poly indie titles viable? Like could you do a raspberry pi or whatever but in a nice case and good, dedicated controllers and would that make enough money? Kind of like the playdate but more capable and pitched to a broader market. This is my billion dollar idea. All these people getting laid off + indie developers should rebuild from the industry wreckage that’s been piling up.

@“yeso”#p155873 Now that is a console I‘d be interested in buying. I wouldn’t even make a forum post to ask whether I should buy it - I'd just buy it.

OUYA 2!!!


in all seriousness I do think something like the OUYA would sell better right now than it did 10 years ago. Don't know if enough to make it successful but at least more than the OUYA did

Just read Stardew Valley passed 30,000,000 sales. I mean put that on a neat looking hue card thing and a box with cool art. Could you sell enough of those and related consoles to have something?

it would be cool to have a jointly owned co-op gaming console, even if it’s just to see what the type of model might produce. can’t begin to imagine the complexities of scale and distribution tho.

What's a good way to keep your glasses safe

I feel like there's something better out there than the generic cases I get from the cheapo online places I buy my glasses from

@“thebryanjzx90”#p155917 A good hard case. I usually don‘t take mine out of the house as I use them just while working, so my case at home is really just to keep them clean.

Check who makes your glasses and see what models they have or recommend, then go with that. There’s so many around, but I‘ve been recommended a North Face one - if it’s good enough to go camping/hiking with it should keep them pretty safe!