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What‘s your favorite RPG that’s less than 30 hours long?

@“KingTubb”#p156354 Suikoden and Suikoden II, Fear & Hunger and Termina, Disco Elysium, Koudelka, and maybe pushing it but each Digital Devil Saga game is about 30 hrs


LISA: The Painful (you could also probably fit in The Joyful and still be under 30)
Dragon Quest 1
Citizen Sleeper
Mouth Sweet

@“KingTubb”#p156354 Chrono Trigger is the poster child of digestible RPGs. My personal favorite would be Panzer Dragoon Saga, and I‘m gonna heavily second @yeso’s Koudelka (they're almost exactly the same length)

@“Funbil”#p156372 wow i just looked up CT on how long to beat and it says 23 hours?? that's shocking to me. granted the one time i beat it i was a child trying to weekend marathon it before i had to return it to the video store on monday, but it still took me about 35 hours, i think. guess i just sucked at video games as a kid!

@“Coffinwarehouses”#p156373 It‘s also a game that feels longer than it is just because it’s so packed full of ideas. I've played games that do less in 5 hours than Chrono Trigger does in any given half-hour segment. Pristinely economical

The World Ends With You is a very nice 26 hours or so. Also nicely paced in that it is broken up into in-game days, so the player can “clear the brain cache” at regular intervals, there are no 4-hour dungeons, and you can save anywhere.

The sequel, despite following a similar structure, is pretty badly paced and is more like 50+ hours (my experience)

Is Obra Dinn appropriate to play on a flight? I know you’re piecing together the death of an entire ship crew, but are the graphics abstracted enough that it’s not toooo graphic?

@“safety_lite”#p157356 imo it’s flight appropriate……plus what are they gonna do if its not, ground the plane?

yeah it’s fine. The in flight movie options will have more violence/gore than that game

@“yeso”#p157360 yea, the only reason I ask is because I usually feel kinda weird when I look down the aisle and see half the flight watching people shooting each other.

How do you get a song out of your head? I used to be able to stop any song stuckness by replacing it Led Zeppelin‘s Kashmir, which has some quality to it that prevents it also getting stuck, but that’s not working anymore. Going on day 3 of this song being stuck in my head.

@“Mnemogenic”#p158409 finish the song in your head, ie let it play start to finish

@“yeso”#p155873 it's a secondhand steam deck

@“Neko”#p158426 i was also thinking about replying with something like this but saying a secondhand ps4. that's ~$100 bucks and most indie games (with budget for console ports) are still being released on there

Fine, it is the axe ?


:person_shrugging: .

anyone else feelin a bit like a boomer gettin used to the new forum?


I’m really thrown off by how angular everything is. It’s all a little overwhelming but I think I’m getting used to it. The main thing is that posts don’t pop quite as much from the rest of the interface, so it takes a second to focus on where I’m reading. But I’m sure that will go away with continual use.


Lol yes 1000%