Attract Modes - I would like to see ‘em!

Post your favorite attract modes.

I have an affinity for Tekken 3. Burned into my brain.

It all began in '94, kept on rollin' in '95. Fell in place in '96, it came to an end in '97. And now it comes, say here we go, KOF is here again, nothing's gonna stop... It's 1998!

Well there is gonna be a lot of Replay Burners in here so here is an early reminder they apparently have been accused of shady shit regarding the crediting and authorization of the original players of their videos.

My favorite Attract modes, easily, were the ones which synchronized and combined different side-by-side cabinets (usually racing games) to make a multi screen demo. Sega was especially fond of this during the Nineties. They are hard to find on Youtube for obvious reasons but here is a subtle example from **Outrunners**.

My favorite attract mode ever has to be those confidently drifting and jumping cars from **Sega Rally Championship** with the most iconic bass line in the history of video games and that (retrospectively hilarious) thank you message to Lancia and Toyota because they did not have the time to properly licence the cars and just phoned them for permission. I believe the Twin version of the game was also able to combine the attract demo on two screens.

Gotta give a polite shout out to the perennial neighboring rival Namco and the low poly epileptic T&A of **Rave Racer**.

@"TracyDMcGrath"#p53291 already opened Pandora’s box with KOF. All of them are great but my favorite attract mode, especially if you consider the demo fight, is **KOF'95**’s with that banging intro track, the mumbled speech, those iconic stage intros and the cool little mini logo on the bottom right during the attract demo– a staple of that era of Neo Geo releases to clarify which game is showing on the MVS rotation.

I also love the little animation effect (just a simple palette swap) on the _DEMONSTRATION_ notice of **DoDonPachi**’s attract mode.

A good attract mode provides a chance to fill you in on the story and characters. Here is Light Bringer interjecting those smooth slicing transitions between the in-game demos and the ever important character bios.

But a good attract mode is also meant to explain how the game is played and nothing beats those in game demos showing the actual panel and controller on screen. The best example I can think of being **After Burner II**.


@"chazumaru"#p53293 After Burner II.

I love the way the aircraft blow up the I and it turns into a II!!

This is the hottest excitement of human history!

(I love the reverb on the announcer's voice when it gets to the logo.)

One of the things I like about this attract mode is how the health bars/super UI is turned off in attract. I like the design of _CvS[1]'s_ UI, but I think it's really clean way to show off the game in attract mode.

A little later, this is the tournament for the new millennium!

_CvS2_ does the same thing with removing the UI and putting a logo at the bottom.

My first experience with an arcade was a tiny one at the local place where my dad and I would walk after hitting Blockbuster. I had to pick either renting a game or some quarters to play. I usually chose the former (how else would I play Sonic Heroes? Trade Mario Party 4 at EB Games?), but luckily the Neo Geo 4 Slot MVS gave me enough stimulation while we waited for the pizza. To this day, I love cycling attract screens and highly recommend the mister attract mode script if you have not used it before.

I was fortunate enough to pick up one of the new Xbox's recently and would love it if they added an option to use the quick resume to present something like an attract mode of games recently played.

Here are the attract modes (if I did not overwrite my memory) that would play at that pizza place:

God I love a good MVS 4 slot

The ‘attract mode’ or opening of Breath of Fire IV was so good that I played the game far longer than i would have otherwise, hoping for more of that sweet sweet animation. I still dream of it sometimes to this day.