Auctions for games you've never heard of

I‘ll try to describe this: you ever start browsing around an auction site and find some game that pops up that you’ve never heard of? I find this gets more common in later systems from PS1 going older where the libraries were just massive.

Here‘s one to start. Road Rage 3 (released as Touge 3 in Japan). There’s 4 copies of it on my local auction site. It kinda looks fun.


Here's another one: Robin Hood's Quest.

Whoa, I had no idea there even was a touge 3!! I‘m gonna have to get that.

I think there’s a lot of stuff out there especially in europe that‘s just like… what the heck is this!? I rarely come across ones I don’t know via auction, but it does happen in real life. I was in a Sony store in Hyderabad and that's how I found out they had two india-exclusive cricket games for PS2.

As a student I worked for a big electrical retailer. The bottom shelf of the PS2 section was a constant rotation of 99p extra-super-hyper-budget games, which staff discount brought down to an even more student-friendly 75p. Most of these were standard european shovelware and UK-specific licenced quiz show games, but a few were localised Japanese titles that wouldn't have otherwise seen a release, including some of the Simple 2000 Series games.

The best thing about working there though was getting the silver promo discs for big releases that we were supposed to play in our in-store demo kiosks. We had one kiosk, but received two copies of more or less every big PS1 and PS2 game, one of which I would take home. Much appreciated as a penniless student. I also got my original GBA there for £9 after a launch day pricing error that my idiot manager didn't spot until lunchtime.


Yeah! The UK got so many of those Simple 2000 games localized.

Phoenix Games was such a prolific publisher.

Clumsy Shumsy! I‘m sure my aforementioned former employer included that in a build-your-own-bundle deal that didn’t include an EyeToy camera. So many furious post-Christmas mums.

Guessing Eddie Murphy didn't want to be involved with this

I found out about this one because I gave a XRDC (gdc's vr/ar conference) pass to the guy who led the project.

@exodus#6790 I had a hard time believing this one … but yeah!?! I guess it's a thing that exists!

Wow yeah, I didn't know they localized this

I know largo winch and rebel raiders! Largo Winch is one that sometimes comes up because of the dupuis name on the front, and rebel raiders is actually a pretty common one here in the US because XS games, shovelware producer extraordinaire, flooded the market with copies. It even got a wii port!

I've seen this one pop up from time to time

it's a great title if nothing else!

Here's one that's not that obscure but I feel like belongs in here since I found out about it by finding it at a thrift store:

Company specific AV Selectors!

edit: yahoo auctions app links never work.

@Rudie#7670 Oh NICE! That‘s an incredible collection. I want that Tokimeki Memorial and Bomberman! I’ve seen the Konami one before.

Here's a picture of the box:

Here‘s one from Sega that I can honestly say I’ve never heard of

Gotta love that PS2/Wii era which hit that sweet spot of cheap to produce and with a gigantic user base. The number of weird games that like 2000 people played must be just gigantic for those platforms.

Was the PS1 also like this, or was 3D game development too young to be cheap and easy?

I legitimately did not know about this game, and apparently Kenichi Nishi was a designer on it - one of the founders of love-de-lic who worked on games like Exile, Psycho Dream, Moon, LOL, Chibo Robo and Captain Rainbow. heck!

Two copies of Girl Zone with different covers. One is the Australian release and the other is a PAL Europe release. You can tell by the rating system used. Since Australia/New Zealand and Europe are all PAL, we do tend to see European releases over here with just about as much frequency as local releases. Sometimes the NZ releases just have a sticker over the rating to use our own system.