Auctions for games you've never heard of

found this in a store the other day and i almost picked it up for the cover alone, but i‘m glad i didn’t cuz i looked it up and it looks unbearably bad

ps1 had a bunch of simple 1500 series. there is a fortune telling game i pull out from time to time to practice reading scrolling japanese.

i'm also putting up a pretty great hanafuda game on the shop tonight : [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Man, PS2 sure had a lot of weird euro jank shovelware.

I don‘t tend to find out about games through auctions, so instead I’ll list off a game I stumbled across at random on the Internet (I stumble across a ton of games like this, but this one stuck out for some reason): Prismaticallization. The title alone demands your attention, and the game only gets more interesting the more you look into it. Turns out this visual novel was made by Arc System Works before Guilty Gear became their flagship franchise, and the premise revolves around dating your way through a Groundhog Day loop.

@Neko#8648 especially in Europe and Japan. PAL regions got localizations of a ton of the Simple series games.
exciting cover right here
I seriously had no idea there was a PS1 port of Space Station Silicon Valley where they changed the name for some reason.

@Video_Game_King#8650 prismaticallization was well covered by insert credit back in 2002 ha ha……… for some reason

I encountered a bunch of games I didn't know existed in India.

and the sequel!


The Wii is practically cheating, it‘s 99% games you’ve never heard of.

@hellomrkearns#8905 oh Aqua Panic! I had that game for PSP, but it was called Downstream Panic!

I was so hype for it, I bought it on release date! It looked so cool, cute sharks and lots of colors!

years later, that style of game would become your typical iphone puzzler lol, so maybe the game was ahead of its time ???

on the thread topic, technically I've heard of this game, but seeing an autographed version of it on ebay is a trip lol


somehow this britney-signed GBA game is more exciting to me than any actual game signatures I've gotten.

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@tombo#9484 nice. you should make a hardware showoff thread!

@hellomrkearns#9486 ook done! : P

o wow, here‘s 2 games that sound intriguing that I’ve never heard of before.



found em by checking the other items on a seller that I got alerted for another game I'm looking for.

If you look these up on ebay, please do not buy the other game by same seller that I placed a bid on lol.

@p3ters#9602 Cursed Mountain is a really interesting horror game that is of course hampered by Wii controls. Definitely that feeling of indie game that happened to get a physical print because of the huge Wii instal base.

@p3ters#9602 I was curious what “Adventures to Go” was in Japanese and had a hard time finding it, but it looks like it's 注文しようぜ!俺たちの世界. The reviews on JP Amazon are pretty good.

@p3ters#9602 seconding cursed mountain good find

Cursed Mountain was one of the first steelbook games I ever paid attention to… obviously halo 2 came before that, but somehow this one really stuck in my mind, I guess because it was unexpected!

aw man I'm totally in the dark. OK Cursed Mountain is on my bucket list now lol