babies crying in video games

let's share audiovisual content of crying babies in games

A cry so iconic (?), Baby Mario became a permanent fixture in console Mario Kart games.

Yoshi's Island DS gave fans the wish fulfillment of also being able to make baby peach, donkey kong. wario, and bowser cry as well as Mario voiced by Charles Martinet himself.

I just scrolled through all the posts on one of my abandoned tumblrs and not a peep from any of them

The most unsettling...maybe?

@“fetus8”#p41853 I'm glad you of all people shared this one

That’s a… That’s a weird topic absent of context. I am afraid to ask questions.

**Seiya Monogatari: AnEarth Fantasy Stories** on PC Engine and Saturn starts with you the player as an orphaned newborn left at the porch of a church. You can press a button to cry at any point during the introduction of the game, leading to four possible childhoods (determining four different classes and character stats) depending on which person or group gets appealed to by your cries. I’ll share the full introduction below but you can skip to 5:34 for the cry.

@“chazumaru”#p41865 ‘s comment loosened this one out of my memory: Dragon Quest V also begins with the protagonist as a baby…and that’s about it as far as similarities go. This baby is born to royalty, and the game doesn't quite systematize your cries for help in the way Seiya Monogatari appears to. Still, it gives us three distinct(-ish) baby cries.

yes pathologic 2 has babies. Some context: As the plague takes hold of the town, its social and economic structures fray. As the closest thing to a doctor on hand, the municipal authorities put you to work on fighting the plague. One of the tasks they give you is to rescue any abandoned or orphaned infants you might come across and deliver them to the social worker at the town hall in exchange for food and scrip (money eventually becomes worthless and basic goods almost impossible to find as the situation spirals out of control). But you're not the only person who has caught wind of this deal.

You're alerted to the presence of an infant in distress by the sound of its cries and have to follow the sound through the street and into the correct house. It's a long and sustained crying rather than video game style sound effect - and it's a distressing sound. I found the whole endeavor of searching for a crying baby in a plague house full of corpses and soon to be corpses one of the more upsetting game sequences I've played. But when you do find the baby you find also a standoff between an indigenous woman who is hoping to rescue the child in an attempt to convince the authorities to release her imprisoned husband, and Anna Angel, a mysterious character who is suspiciously vague about where she is planning to take the baby

Rambling a little here apologies but this sequence with the baby was notable to me because if the lattice work of themes, character, plot, "gameplay," "mechanics," etc that all bear very meaningfully on that moment in a way that I find challenging to convey


Babies take up 2x3 inventory slots. They do not stack.


@“yeso”#p41871 Babies take up 2×3 inventory slots. They do not stack.

Big Wife: Worried energy


@“Gaagaagiins”#p41873 Big Wife: Worried energy

I read that as a game title and now i'm thinking about a game where you are a big lady who is also a wife who has to shoot the worries out of people minds with an energy gun at a wedding

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@“captain”#p41857 I didn’t even realize the irony of this at the time of posting. I love this.

I was certain this thread was going to be about Death Stranding?

The baby crying through the controller's speaker while anything bad happens was so stressful and a major reason I stopped playing that game, lol.