Baby Zeldas

So we're all real big fans of Minit around here, and I know that @exodus has mentioned Fairune on the show. However, what are some other good short Zelda-like games?

I am particularly fond of Evoland, which isn't exactly a Zelda-like, so much as a parody of Zelda and Final Fantasy simultaneously (the main character is called Clink). Its sense of humor is pretty on the nose, but I enjoyed it. It's only 6 hours as I remember. (I'd much more strongly recommend Evoland 2, which has a much more developed story, but it's much longer.

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There's also Aggelos, which feels more like a Monster Boy-like, although it seems to have taken cues from Zelda II as well. This game is a bit more obtuse and difficult (even on the lower of two difficulty settings) but does have some great art
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So is this a common thing? Are there more small games out there that let you just walk around a dumb little world solving dumb little puzzles and chopping grass?

I would throw 'ittle Dew into that arena. I have a soft spot for the pretty breezy first game. Play it on Wii U today!

i played through ANODYNE earlier this year and had a real chill time

your main weapon is a broom. you can sweep up dust and move it to block enemy projectiles or ride the dust as a raft over water.

the world and atmosphere is the real ticket here. it has a sense of unease. npc's make strange noises. there are creatures you cannot interact with. the world feels empty.

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ANODYNE 2 is more of a N64 era zelda game. i have not got around to it yet but from everything i have heard it's probably real good.

I‘ll always sing the praises of Titan Souls for delivering on a such a great conceptual idea, a boss rush adventure game where the hero just has 1 arrow to take down bosses. It’s a very small game that also manages to convey scale akin to something like Shadow of the Colossus. Lovely artwork and soundtrack too.

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I haven't played Acid Nerve's next game, Death's Door yet, but everything I've heard is that it is much more true to a Zelda-like format and is fantastic.

@“pizzascrub”#p50254 I‘ve dinked around in this game for a bit after getting it in the bundle for racial equality last year. I’d happily give it another go. Maybe I'll get it on switch instead of on my 6 year old cheap laptop

Checked out a bit of Community Pom eng translation. Fun! Really cute. Checkout this title music!

Going to make a slightly embarrassing admission here and say that the only Zelda game I've ever beaten was BotW, but I really blew through Crusader of Centy and highly recommend playing it. I like it a whole lot more than its contemporary Zeldas.

I have also been playing through Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima lately on my MiSTer and I gotta say: It rocks. It's Eiji Aonuma's first game as director and it's been described as basically his pitch to Nintendo to let him take the reins on Zelda. It's such a cool game and there's some clear DNA in here for future Nintendo games. I'm of the opinion that it deserves to be in a place of higher esteem in the Nintendo canon, because it's truly excellent. It's got point and click adventure vibes while simultaneously not feeling like a chore.

@“donrumata”#p51887 Yep, Marvelous rules. Can't believe it never got officially localized.

Something I always found fascinating about Marvelous is that the cartridge game is the final form of something that was initially planned for SNES-CD and also heavily entwined with the Satellaview—there isn‘t a ton of info about its earlier incarnations out there but the inference from some little comments I’ve seen from Aonuma suggests it‘s a miracle it ever came out. It came out of Masayuki Uemura’s department which, at the time, wasn‘t really doing much in terms of software (or perhaps more accurately, wasn’t producing much that ever made it to market).

It's also a game that Aonuma & co. scavenged form Four Swords Adventures—the Navi Trackers mode, which was cut from most of the international versions, is based on the BS Marvelous episodes, both in terms of the stamp-rally gameplay but also the general map design and a lot of the environment art.

My niece is named Zelda and she's six.


Isn't *A Short Hike* a lot like BOTW without the combat? That's how I framed it to try and get my sister to play lol.

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