Backlog Indecision Manager

i‘ve noticed there’s been a few different “backlog management” threads going on. i‘ve been slowly working my way through my own as well, and i’ve found that my biggest issue in finishing more games is being unable to choose a game to start in the first place.

i thought i'd make a thread where people like me could:
-just throw out 3-4 games that they can't decide between starting, maybe putting a little bit of justification
-someone could reply to make a decision on the other person's behalf
-feel free to justify your choice as much or little as you want! having played the game is not necessary, just a decision!
-once one person decides for someone else, they can nominate their own set of games that someone else give an answer for!

i'll start: i'm currently finishing up Raw Danger and then after that i was trying to choose between Yakuza 2 Kiwami, Alan Wake, or No More Heroes. for context, i've never played a Yakuza game because i've only recently started to like open world games, and i haven't played many Grasshopper Manufacture games. i like horror/character-drama stuff, but i don't know how much Alan Wake (or the other games) are like that.

hopefully it's not just me that suffers from this indecision and this thread can help someone else!

I must not choose what I play next. Choice is the mind-killer. Choice is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my choice. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the choice has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

My advice: just give it up to [arbitrary selection.](

(It decided No More Heroes for you.)

@chazumaru#6463 I think that‘s also what the Bene Gesserit said to kids that didn’t want the family meal.

@cera#6457 Any reason you can't play Yakuza 0 since it's a better starting spot for the story? It's definitely the most traditional in terms of character drama as it feels like a TV show. It's also very funny, at least when it comes to the side activities. But if Kiwami 2 is all you got it's pretty indicative of the series and may be enough to get you interested in the other games.

Alan Wake is good if you like Twilight Zone style horror/mystery (oddly enough also like paced like a TV show) and are OK with weighty third person shooter controls and limited resources. Also recommended if you're planning on playing Control in the future.

No More Heroes is just goofy, but in a lighthearted post-GTA3 adult-swim pop-punk sort of way. May not be the best open world game to get familiar with since it is so janky.

My recommendation - **Alan Wake**: It's straightforward and linear with satisfyingly weighty gun play (a Remedy staple), and an intriguing and brisk story. Good change of pace from Raw Danger

I used to have a randomizer app on my old phone lol.

One of the sets was called "Genre" where I'd spin the wheel and it would select a genre for me.

then I'd have another set for each genre, each with a list of games in it. I would then spin the wheel on whatever genre won the first round and it would choose which game to play next!

unfortunately these days I don't have much indecision; I'm much more certain on what I want to play next lol.

Damn, think I was the only one getting these kinds of dilemmas with backlogs. Lately i‘m feeling very indecisive about the next game I should play because I want to play in so many platforms, I been thinking about playing horror games for october ’cause I never been into that genre.

I often play less-time and less-narrative intense games when I’m having trouble deciding on what to play. Classic Doom, shumps, puzzle games and old favorites often clear the air, so to speak. Usually after a few days (or occasionally weeks) I find it easier to make a decision on what larger game to play.