The first console I ever owned was a SEGA GAME GEAR. The first game I owned for that console was SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2.

For me, the most fun part of SONIC 2 and other early Sonic titles was battling with Eggman (Robotnik).

His roundish design, “sheeny” glasses, and primary color scheme has always been a visual draw for me. Pushing on to see what wacky device or devious machine he’d be riding in the next boss fight was, and still is, the main highlight of that series for me.

To this day, Eggman has stayed as my favorite gaming villain. I collect all of his plushies.

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For all of you guys, which gaming baddies have stuck with you over time? For design, difficulty, fiendish-ness, whatever.

Big Daddy from Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 because he had this bumpin' theme song

Mr X in Streets of Rage

Rogue Trip Vacation 2012… my only memory of that game is seeing the ads in magazines from the time, haha.

I like Mr. X too. I still remember being at my friend Kyle’s house when we beat him for the first time. Up until that time, it was my most intense/thrilling moment in gaming.

I don't exactly own merch of him or anything, but Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts II specifically holds a special place for me. I first found out about YouTube back in the day by looking up videos of the fight against him so I could figure out how to beat him myself.

Also, if we're not just counting major antagonists, I _do_ own a Slime plushie. Pretty sure I got it from GameStop in 2010 when I bought _Metroid: Other M_.

I‘m playing through King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie. Which is a videogame adaptation of Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong. This game has it all: Huge Crabs. Huge Millipedes. Dinosaurs of several varieties. Huge flying monsters. They‘re pretty terrifying to fight against! I can’t think of many games where you get to shoot a dinosaur outside of Turok and Jurassic Park.

For me the most memorable (and tough) Sephiroth fight was going up against him at the Coliseum in the first Kingdom Hearts. At the time, THAT battle was such a struggle for me. YouTube didn’t exist, but I remember bicycling to Hollywood Video and thumbing through the Brady Games guide looking for strategies.

I’ve never played the King Kong game. My favorite “dinosaur shooting game” is the 1997 SEGA arcade for THE LOST WORLD. I wish there was a home version for that…

This Big Daddy theme is fun!

Hmm, this is a good question. I feel like I didn't focus on the antagonists in games too much unless they were just like really big? So King Drool in Bonk is up there just because... he's huge. but he's not that cool, I just remember him.

I think not being much of a boss battle fan kind of limits my appreciation of the big baddies.

Actually maybe I like a lot of the strider bosses - the big hammer and sickle snake boss in level one does a great job of introducing you to joke space communism and also just being this huge weird thing you have to fight but can also jump on, etc. yeah, maybe that one.

I looooooove BIG bosses (from 2D games) that you can jump on. Being able to jump on/climb a massive enemy is such an empowering feeling. I feel it is usually executed better in 2D games than in 3D games, probably because there are less programming/depth logistics to worry about.

The snake from Strider was a memorable one for me too...

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A more recent example of such a boss is the Glutton Train from BLOODSTAINED: CURSE OF THE MOON...

[upl-image-preview url=//]

LOOOOOVE that stuff.

I have a love for all of the antagonists in Mad World, but a special love of The Shamans as the moment I went from “this game is bananas,” to, “this game is genius.”[upl-image-preview url=//]

Hmm, I didn‘t play Mad World for more than 10 minutes. I’d love to see a “de-waggle all the interesting wii games and put them on switch” project

I never played MAD WORLD either. The screenshot above makes me think of Inosuke from KIMETSU NO YAIBA though…

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That makes me think… I'm also fond of the “feral kid/beast kid” character-type in fiction…

Gau from FFVI
Inuyasha from Inuyasha
Kevin from Trials of Mana
Tomba from Tomba
Blanka from SF


I think one of the ones that has always stuck with me was Magneto from X-Men 2: Clone Wars on the Genesis. The boss fight with him isn‘t terribly tough, but his already powerful presence from having read the comic/watched the show/gotten destroyed by him in Children of the Atom made it stick out a bit. That, and then he joins your team after beating him, which is just mind blowing.

The other ones that really stick out for me are from a Zelda 3-like called Graal (it started out as Zelda Online before that got shut down hard). I hadn’t played more than half an hour of Zelda 3 prior to Graal, and it was notable for having the ability to edit the graphics, make your own levels, and even code items and npcs (it's actually where I first started programming, and now I do that for a living). The enemies were called Baddies in the files/background code, so my mind always goes to that when people mention baddies in games.

this thread has made me realise I don't have a lot of fond childhood memories of bad guys because I never got anywhere in games as a kid.

One of my earliest "ugh THIS BOSS" memories is taking my laptop to school and playing Éric Chahi's Heart of Darkness and making it to the Master of Darkness at the end of the game which is an tumultuous onslaught of fireballs and goomans that is close to impossible on a keyboard. I remember passing it around with my friends and eventually I was the one to clear it and it was a real moment of triumph as we rescued that kid's dog or whatever (I'm faking my insincerity it's one of my favourite games)

I need to accept I'm not going to get through two posts on this forum without mentioning Yakuza 0 so KKUUUZZZEEEEEEE

Also if we're allowed to pull the "well he's not REALLY a baddie" card...Godot from Ace Attorney T&T is my favourite antagonist. Von Karma from the first game is a cold stone baddie though and he's up there too.

yeah there‘s some good bad guys in yakuza - I definitely think there’s something to the idea that the best baddie is the one that you finally triumphed over after a long time. But I am pretty give-up-y so I don't have very many of those myself!

@Lesmocon#1635 The slow grind out of attempts to a triumph I definitely get. It‘s part of what makes me enjoy speedrunning (that and I only run games I really like to play, which makes a big difference), and definitely something that has nailed bosses/baddies into my brain. Pretty much any boss in a Souls-like that I’ve played qualifies for this, but I‘m having a really hard time mapping this to any older titles I’ve played…

speaking of Souls bosses, this isn‘t my baddie experience but I can endorse the Best Friends’ DS3 “HE HAS A STAND” reaction:

I'm a sucker for rivals that are essentially just everything-the-main-character-has-but-way-cooler-looking-with-some-extras, like Metal Sonic, Axle Gear from Sparkster, and especially Veil from Pulseman.

There's nothing particularly difficult about this battle at all, but it's silly fun both bouncing around the stage, and it's incredibly satisfying clashing against eachother while in your lightning bolt forms.

Another one is Moritsune from the PS2 Shinobi. That first fight with him blew me away in its presentation. A ninja in a slightly cooler getup than you, big neon sign that says SKILL UP that breaks down to say "KILL U!" Plus this song:

Once you learn his pattern, it's fun to just slowly circle eachother, since he always walks in a cool, cross armed, calm way, and only strikes when provoked. Makes for a great first ninja battle. What a good, incredibly frustrating game.