Bay Area: Free 32” PVM

All the friends I know personally in the Bay Area (like ones I could just call up to pick this up right now that I know of) are decidedly not true gamers or gamers at all and probably wouldn’t wanna mess with this. Also, my van is misfiring and currently undergoing repairs, so I can’t pick it up… I know lots of you critters are stationed up there so… If not for yourself, get it for me? Lol

dang… I'm intrigued but 32" is probably too big for me to fit into the space here!

same! i also don't think this would even fit in my car.

@Neko#34136 time to get a truck

I put my 32" jvc into my girlfriend's car once and: never again.

Once as a 14 year old I made my dad help me pick up a 32" sony trinitron from the sidewalk and we put it into a prius and it was a miracle that my dad or the prius didn't get hurt after that lol
I eventually got rid of it because it was way too big

pretty sure that's the same model seen powering on here in the 1993 congressional hearing on video game violence lol

someone grab it!

I really want it… heck

at the very least, someone grab it and store it for me, and I will come pick up within a month or two, lol

picking up CRTs in a prius is 100% my friend‘s favorite hobby. they’re always way too big. He has like four 32 inchers.

Also, priuses existed when you were 14 years old… damn….