Best baddest weirdest hottest Amiga games

@“docky”#p96613 hmmm maybe it wasn't bomberman then… what was it? or maybe it was bomberman and the license went to ubisoft instead.

I used to love playing North & South with my sister when I was kid. Really whacky game based on the American civil war. Turn based planning phase, then real time pitched battle combat. You control your whole army at once with different buttons for different units. And there is occasional platforming sections for taking over forts and hijacking trains.

@“matt”#p96632 Great game! Endless fun tickling the bum of the photographer on the start screen. For an embarrassingly long amount of time North and South was all I knew about the US Civil War.

It’s December again in Amiga-land!

Here is a collection of all the Christmas themed Amiga stuff. I need to check this out and enjoy a 16-bit party with Agnus and Paula.