Best British redubs for games with American voice acting

@“rootfifthoctave”#p38855 Man IDK, some stuff just rubs me the wrong way in a “uninspired western anime dub appeal to the lowest common denominator” kind of way. I'm probably just the bitter old fool who hates contemporary anime dubs. Thankfully we have JP voice options more often these days. I just want everything to sound like Game of Thrones or LotR (like those I mentioned that came before GoT, lol) I guess.

Man yeah, Avenue Q has aged pretty badly I think. It‘s got that "we’re all past this stuff because it doesn‘t affect us" neoliberal vibe. There’s this new cartoon coming out about the royal family and I have no idea who it‘s for. the vibe is also very neoliberal "this doesn’t affect us but it IS stupid" and a friend suggested that perhaps it's a replacement for that trump cartoon with the exact same vibe. but who in the US cares about the royal family?

It's very bizarre.


Oh god why did they have to include a shot of the exact block that I live on? They move to VENICE???

If this shot were realistic, there would be buskers, tents, RVs, and tweakers everywhere. I didn‘t think I’d see my home gentrified by a cartoon. This was an African American community and has been gentrified in the past 15 years and is a highly contentious issue. Fuck this cartoon for portraying it as the bougie shopping center they‘ve been trying to transform it into. What the hell.

For comparison, this would be like if they moved to like 25th st in oakland after clearing out the black community property owners. There was drive by shooting on abbot kinney & main like two nights ago. Earlier this month a huge amount of unhoused people were displaced because “the pandemic is over”. The affordable housing crisis & wage gap is prevalent here. There are people on the streets directly in front of condos no one can afford. None of the resturaunts on this strip can be afforded by anyone but the upper class, and it’s the same trash you could get anywhere else. The canals are full of houses my friends used to live in that are now empty and owned by real estate investors or have become vacation homes for wealthy people like Hunter Biden.

Abbot Kinney and Venice used to be the hood. That's right in front of oakwood in Venice, CA.
I'm gonna pass this around my community. This cartoon perpetuates a narrative that we don't want here. People keep moving here having no idea what's going on, stepping on toes of people who lived here for generations, intolerant of anything they deem beneath them. Tolerance is the heart of Venice-- It's the reason they're coming here in the first place, the culture here. This show is some reverse Beverly Hill Billies bs.

@“exodus”#p38911 I sense Family Guy vibes, which means an automatic hell no.

@“rootfifthoctave”#p38855 Royal story that I won't have an opportunity to tell elsewhere I guess:

Recorded a 'senior royal' for a work thing in my audio production days. Headphones on my head, I mic'd them up and adjusted the mixing desk. They looked me dead in the eye (emphasis on dead) and asked "and what do you do?"

Americans interacted with The Crown now they know they can potentially sell you our other terrible by-products, comedies about the royals being in perpetual adolescence.

@"treefroggy"#p38915 That is actually really interesting, I would've missed that entirely! Thanks.


@“Auberji”#p38337 It never really survived the transition to Channel Five!

..and now it will not survive at all, it seems:

@“rejj”#p61022 But how will they become good friends :frowning: